2016 Trustee Candidates

Please find below the candidate biographies for your consideration at the 2016 Annual Membership Meeting.

Angelina Holverstott

My name is Angelina Holverstott and I have lived here in Wilderness Rim for 10 years. I am originally from California and am a graduate of California State University at Long Beach. I hold a BA in Communicative Disorders and Recreation and Leisure Studies. I worked for GSUSA during my college years and after college I served as a Membership and Outreach Director for GSUSA providing programs in outdoor education to children of migrant farm workers in CA and children whose parents were in prison. I was transferred to Seattle 18 years ago and have made this my home. I have a passion for serving our youth and the outdoors. I left GSUSA about 15 years ago and ventured into Real Estate. That venture landed me in a position with King County Housing Authority where I have been for the last 6 years serving as a Property Manager and Housing Quality Inspector; serving over 200 families in Woodinville, Kirkland and Redmond, that are low income, Senior and or disabled households. I currently serve as a Troop leader in our community… fearlessly leading 15 girls most that I have had in my troop since kindergarten that are now going off to middle school. During my younger life years I was challenged by a professor to find the “meaning of life” — the meaning of my life has always been to be of service. I love our neighborhood and our North Bend Community and will continue to be of service in any way that I am able.

Cale Sweeny

My name is Cale Sweeney. I recently bought a house in the Rim with my wife Kristen,
my son Dax, and my dog Wanda. I am currently serving as the secretary of the board of trustees. I am a software engineer who loves skiing deep powder. I’m originally from the very political state of New Hampshire, but Seattle has better software companies and the Cascades have better powder (sorry Mom). I have a season’s pass to Alpental this winter and I hope to see some of my neighbors on chair 2!

Erin Perry

Erin is looking forward to the opportunity to get involved in the community, meet more neighbors, and help preserve our beautiful and peaceful home. She is a Washington native and an Issaquah High School alumnus. She went away to college and law school in Oregon and practiced as a criminal prosecutor there for several years. She moved and called the US Virgin Islands her second home until she and her husband, Alexander, returned to Seattle in 2013.

They then moved to Wilderness Rim in December of 2015 with their son, Carver. Erin enjoys all the outdoor recreation that this area provides and can often be found coaxing her son along hiking trails. She is currently a consultant for Mary Kay and also likes yoga, running, photography, and Washington wine.

Heather Larson-Paul

Heather moved to Wilderness Rim from Seattle in 2005 to fulfill her dream of living at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. As a passionate outdoors person and mountain biker and runner, it was a dream come true to live in this majestic valley.

In 2006 her daughter Karis was born and her passion for the Wilderness Rim neighborhood and North Bend community grew.

Heather feels Wilderness Rim is an amazing place to raise children and through the years Heather has become increasingly involved in the community. This past year when Heather was added to the Board of Trustees she found a deeper connection with her neighborhood and neighbors. Her goal in being a Trustee is to get more members involved in their community and to foster a board atmosphere of transparency and accountability.

Heather has been a Vice President of both Bucky Products and Rosanna Inc for the past 18 years and also runs the Eastside Precision All Girls Drill Team in Redmond.

Jessica Alexander

Jessica has lived in Wilderness Rim for ten years and is hoping to join the WRA Board because she wants to be more active in and work for the neighborhood. She works for a technology company as the Quality Assurance Manager and manages a team of twenty one engineers. Jessica is responsible for managing the first line of response for a group of over 288,000 users and their bug reports. In her nine years with the company, she has honed her ability to analyze processes and become proactive solving challenges before they become issues. Because of her knowledge of the products and familiarity with the userbase, she is one of a handful of company approved spokespeople with customers. Jessica loves to problem solve and find solutions which benefit the people around her. She and her husband Alex are foodies and avid gamers enjoying a wide variety of computer and board games.

Jim Besso

Jim decided to take a more active role in helping the neighborhood he has called home since 2007 and joined the Board of Trustees in 2013. Born and raised in Maine, was stationed at Fort Lewis while in the Army, and after a 12-year career in the Armored Calvary serving as a Platoon Sergeant, Tank Commander and Troop Master Gunner, Jim returned to the Northwest to settle down. He works as a software developer and business intelligence database engineer. He is husband to Jessica, and dad to two boys, Jeremiah and Josiah. He has a B.S. in Business Management/Information Systems and is currently pursuing a Masters in Divinity, Theology and Apologetics.

Kelly Koechel

I have lived in Wilderness Rim since 2011, having moved back here from Colorado. I went to high school at Skyline in Sammamish and joined the Air Force after high school from Kirkland. I love the Pacific Northwest, Washington state, and North Bend in particular. I work for T-Mobile at their data center in Snoqualmie as a network engineer. I have two dogs and enjoy running around The Rim and hosting neighborhood game nights in the chalet. My goal with this organization is to keep it transparent, efficient and fair. I look forward to addressing neighborhood concerns and solving them.

Mark LaPerriere

My wife and two young kids just moved to the Rim in October of 2015 when my company transferred me to the Seattle office. We immediately fell in love with North Bend and The Rim and decided to settle down here. Our family’s love for Brewster Lake and the park is what got me interested in helping with the Wilderness Rim Association. I believe that all my neighbors in The Rim should have a say in how this great neighborhood is managed. I also believe that a Board of Trustees that fosters a respectful, friendly and rewarding working environment there will be no shortage of participation.

Robert Beeler

I’ve lived in the Rim for several decades and love our neighborhood. My goal is to help neighbors affected by flooding and educate on fire safety. I’m retired from Boeing and dogsledding. Love to ride my motorcycles and walk our trails.

Rouston Weaver

My name is Ruston Weaver and I am North Bend’s biggest fan! I am a three year resident of the Wilderness Rim and true lover of all things outdoors. We realized that all of our off time and weekends were getting spent in North Bend and after one drive thru the Rim we knew where we wanted to live. I love the area we all call home so much that I started the BEAUTIFUL NORTH BEND Facebook page three years ago simply to share local beauty with those who either no longer live here or those who still appreciate what our town has to offer. I am a Washingtonian all the way although I spent 10 years of my life in the Midwest after meeting my amazing wife, Shannon, who is from Cincinnati. I have been on a board of trustees once before in Indiana and acted as the parks and recs rep due to my passion for biking, hiking and being outside. I am currently the Food and Beverage Director for the Summit at Snoqualmie and have been managing people, personalities and huge finances for the past 20 years. I would love to see our community come together and create an environment of acceptance, friendship and harmony. I do not have any affiliation with the current WRA board or the Rim Rocks group but would love to be part of the Rim that is trying to bind this community back together again. My experience in dealing with the public on so many levels has really taught me how to accept things that don’t go my way and has taught me to push for the things I feel passionately about. I feel passionately about representing the folks in the Rim who don’t want to go to every meeting but want to trust that their neighborhood is in good hands and that the group of adults working to better the Rim are indeed working together to make it the greatest neighborhood in North Bend.

Thomas Grisso

My name is Thomas Grisso. I have been living in Wilderness Rim for approximately 12 years with my wife Nikke, and three children. I am currently working as a National Marketing Director for an apparel company. Prior to that career change I worked in the the building and remodeling industry for 10+ years. I also currently sit on a board for a local non-profit. I am running for a volunteer trustee position on the board for a few reasons.

  1. I want to make sure all the community voices are heard and all taken into account.
  2. I also want to make sure that there is total transparency when it comes to the Board of Trustees so we as a community are informed.
  3. Have a board that works in harmony with the best interest of all our community members.

I believe some of the priorities of our board of trustees should be:

  1. Transparency – Make sure we are all well informed and know a 100% of what is going on and how our money is being spent.
  2. Water System – We have some of the best water around and I want to make sure that it is being maintained correctly by qualified people and can be repaired or replaced in the event of a major system problem.
  3. Neighborhood Safety – Figuring out ways to reduce crime, fire hazards and general safety concerns.
  4. Park and green belt common areas – Making sure that all areas are family safe,
    maintained and void of any hazards. Updated as needed.
  5. Bylaws and covenants – Review and make changes as needed in the best interest in the community as a whole. Give some power back to the community.
  6. Communications – Implement a way to make community voices and votes heard in an easier fashion. Making sure that all community members have a way to vote on major decision when not available to attend meetings or votes. Make sure that all BOT activities are put out in a timely fashion.
  7. Give more voice to the community and let the community be more involved even if they are not able to volunteer due to busy schedules.

With my work background and prior positions as a WRA trustee and on other boards, I know how important team work is to be successful and to grow. I want to be a part of the Wilderness Rim board to help maintain that team work spirit within the board and our wonderful community. Thank you for your consideration.