Dear Wilderness Rim Owners:

  1. The WRA Annual Meeting kickoff will be Saturday, September 7th and the Annual Meeting will be Saturday, September 21st.  Please check your email and mailbox for the official notice and ballot information the first week of September.
  2. Your June-July water payments are due!  Please make sure you make payments to WRA c/o Agynbyte before the due date.  More information, including how to log in to your account to view your balance, is located on the WRA website here:


  1. Events!  Events!  Events! If you have ideas for events in the neighborhood, or would like to help with future events, please email


  1. Speaking of events, WRA is requesting volunteers for Saturday, September 7.  We will be completing various tasks around the playground.  Many hands make light work!  Refreshments provided.  Bring your work gloves and muscles and let know if you can attend to help your neighborhood.

Thank you,
Agynbyte LLC
On Behalf of the Wilderness Rim Association Board of Trustees