To the Members and Residents of the Wilderness Rim Association,

The Board of Trustees is writing this letter to update you on a couple items related to the management of our Association, the volunteer run Board of Trustees, and the various committees associated with the Board of Trustees.  As you likely are aware, the WRA HOA is self-managed by a volunteer group of 11 trustees, 4 of which hold the 4 officer positions.

The current board is operating with too few volunteers for the amount of work we are hoping to accomplish.  The Board of Trustees (BOT) currently has 2 un-filled seats (which could be filled immediately with volunteers that meet the requirements, according to the HOA bylaws).  Additionally, we are lacking committee chairs for the park committee and the communications committee, and very much need regular contributors to all committees.  Without adequate committee participation, the workload falls to individual trustees or committee members, which is leading to the imminent burnout of some of those members.

Without immediate change, the board is likely to see resignations of trustees, which would likely create difficulty completing basic day-to-day operations of the HOA, including: paying of bills, performing required financial reporting and auditing, preparing the upcoming annual budget, preparing for the upcoming annual meeting, writing articles for the newsletters, submitting water test reports to the Department of Health, ensuring water leaks are fixed, etc.

The board is currently exploring two avenues to address these concerns.

The first, and the main reason for this letter to you, is to try to recruit willing and able volunteers to help run the business of the HOA, either as a trustee or as a committee member.  We are looking for professionals that can maintain a businesslike attitude, and tactfully navigate the environment of running a business that involves friends and neighbors as stakeholders.  We also need these volunteers to have the time available in their lives to commit to attending 1-2 meetings per month, as well as helping out with tasks throughout the week.  As a benefit, the volunteers will be rewarded with valuable experience that can be put on your resume, as well as serving and getting to know your community on a deeper level.

The second option being explored by the BOT, is researching and seeking proposals from professional, 3rd party HOA management companies, that would take over a majority of day-to-day tasks involved with running our HOA.  We have solicited 4 initial proposals so far and have also met in-person with 3 of these companies.  We will be sending out a formal RFP to these companies in the coming weeks.  If the board elects to move to contract with one of these outside companies, this would likely happen early in the next fiscal year, which starts on 7/1/18.  This would very likely impact the annual HOA dues to all members but would also reduce the number of hours required by volunteers on the BOT, as well as likely improve the service level to all members related to various aspects of interacting with the business and community functions of the WRA.

To be clear, the current board does not believe that the status quo is a viable option, and we either need more volunteer manpower and/or we need to move forward in transitioning our self-managed BOT to a 3rd party management partner.   Please consider whether you have the skillset and time to volunteer.  We do understand that volunteering isn’t for everyone, but either way, we do want to hear your thoughts on the topics outlined above.  We are asking for you to please send your thoughts to the WRA BOT via email, to: or via snail mail to: Wilderness Rim Association PO Box 315, North Bend, WA 98045.  Please do not reply to this letter via social media, in-person discussion at the WRA Office, or telephone, as we wish to keep track of all feedback, and we want to ensure we all hear what you have to say.

Thank you,

Your WRA Board of Trustees