Do you know where your water meter is?  Do you know it is probably in need of some TLC?  Per WRA’s water rules and regulations, access to your meter “shall not be blocked or obstructed in any way by fences, trees, shrubs, yard waste, vehicles, etc.   Members shall keep the area around meter boxes clear of trees, shrubs, weeds and debris to ensure that WRA meter readers can access the meter obtain an accurate reading.  Fences on the member’s property must have cutouts designed to allow access to WRA meters or other equipment.  Gates, with or without locks, are not permitted as a provision for reasonable access to WRA equipment.   WRA agents may use any reasonable means at their discretion to protect themselves from injury while attempting to read meters or operate WRA equipment.  WRA is not responsible for damage to any member’s fence, structure or vehicle that is obstructing the utility easement while performing work on WRA equipment.  Failure to provide clear access to WRA equipment may result in possible interruption of water service.  Charges will be applied to the member’s account if clearing of debris and vegetation is required.”

Bottom line:  please check your water meter and make sure it is accessible to the meter reader.  Please also make sure your house number is visible to the street.  Thank you for your cooperation.