WRA 2022 Annual Meeting and Fishing Derby

Please watch your mailbox and/or email for the official notice and ballot for the September 17th 2022 WRA Annual Meeting. Three trustee and three ARC positions are open for new candidates.

The meeting will take place at Cascade Park beginning at 10:00am to announce the ballot results and open discussion.
We will be holding a fishing derby prior to the Annual Meeting at Brewster Lake! The fishing derby will begin at 6:30am and will end at 9:30am, with the winners being announced at the Annual Meeting.

Over 300 trout ranging in size from 5 inches to 13 inches were released into Brewster Lake in June. Many children were able to attend the fish release, and the trout seem to be adapting well to our private lake.

All fishing derby participants must register prior to fishing. Registration will begin at 6:00am on September 17th, and the derby will officially begin at 6:30am. (No Fishing Before)

The official rules will be posted separately, and prizes will be awarded for the top 3 longest fish. All registered participants will also be entered into a raffle prize drawing.

Please reach out if you are interested or able in donating some prizes to this exciting event. This makes it more exciting for our kiddos participating! (It could be anything from gift cards, fishing supplies, toys/games, money, etc.) Also we are in need of a fish scale (for a tie-breaker) if anyone has one to loan for the day. Donating businesses will be listed on a vinyl banner in recognition, and will be displayed at the park on the day of the derby. Contact Melanie Foister ( if you are able to donate!

Thank you and see you all on September 17th!

Water Meter Maintenance

Do you know where your water meter is?  Do you know it is probably in need of some TLC?  Per WRA’s water rules and regulations, access to your meter “shall not be blocked or obstructed in any way by fences, trees, shrubs, yard waste, vehicles, etc.   Members shall keep the area around meter boxes clear of trees, shrubs, weeds and debris to ensure that WRA meter readers can access the meter obtain an accurate reading.  Fences on the member’s property must have cutouts designed to allow access to WRA meters or other equipment.  Gates, with or without locks, are not permitted as a provision for reasonable access to WRA equipment.   WRA agents may use any reasonable means at their discretion to protect themselves from injury while attempting to read meters or operate WRA equipment.  WRA is not responsible for damage to any member’s fence, structure or vehicle that is obstructing the utility easement while performing work on WRA equipment.  Failure to provide clear access to WRA equipment may result in possible interruption of water service.  Charges will be applied to the member’s account if clearing of debris and vegetation is required.”

Bottom line:  please check your water meter and make sure it is accessible to the meter reader.  Please also make sure your house number is visible to the street.  Thank you for your cooperation.    

Meter Averages – February Bill Cycle

Wilderness Rim Owners:

Due to significant snow still piled up over water meters at this time, the February billing cycle will use averages to calculate usage. This average will be calculated using both the September and November/December read numbers. 

Members do have the option of reading your own meter if you do not wish to have an average for this billing cycle. If a Member received a High Usage Notice, you are highly encouraged to self-read your meter.

If you wish to do so, please send your read numbers or a legible photo of the meter along with the date taken, address, and your account name/number to Self reads must be received by January 23rd, 2022.

Thank you for your understanding.

2021 WRA Election Results


Thank you to all who voted in the 2021 WRA election.

Trustees and Issues Vote:

Percent Voted: 29.73% (10% needed for quorum)

IRS Income Resolution: Passed 149-13

Board of Trustee Candidates Elected:

Melanie Foister – 147
Jim Besso – 141
Chris Eaton – 124
Alan Bruckner – 90

Write in candidates did not receive the affirmative approval of a majority of the owners who participated.

ARC Candidates Elected:

Mike Kenyon – 126
Jessica Besso – 125
Laurie Farmer – 123

Write in candidates did not receive the affirmative approval of a majority of the owners who participated.

Thank you again to all who were elected and participated in the process. If you would like to be a part of the board in the future, or on current committees, please contact Board meetings are usually the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm and open to all members.

Burn Ban Starting Thursday, June 24th 2021

King County Fire Marshal Chris Ricketts has issued a Stage 1 fire safety burn ban for the unincorporated areas of King County starting Thursday. The ban will remain in effect until further notice.

The weather forecast calls for temperatures in the mid-90’s throughout the weekend, with readings climbing to nearly 100 degrees Sunday. The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Watch for King County.

The Stage 1 fire safety burn ban applies to all outdoor burning, except for barbecues and small recreational fires in established fire pits at approved campgrounds or private property with the owner’s permission.

“Extreme heat and especially dry conditions have increased the risk of wildfire dramatically,” Ricketts says. “People in both rural and urban unincorporated areas need to use caution.”

Recreational fires still pose a risk, so their use shall be limited and respected accordingly. Ricketts says recreational fires must:

  • Be built in a metal or concrete fire pit, such as those typically found in designated campgrounds, and not be used as debris disposal
  • Be no larger than three feet in diameter
  • Be located in a clear spot, free from any vegetation for at least ten feet in a horizontal direction and at least 25 feet away from any structure, and allow 20 feet of vertical clearance from overhanging branches
  • Be attended at all times by an alert individual with equipment capable of extinguishing the fire

If your property is inside city limits, please contact your local jurisdiction for their requirements. This ban remains in effect until further notice.

With Fourth of July fireworks sales beginning across the county, Ricketts also reminds users to stay mindful of their surroundings when discharging fireworks.

It’s every individual’s responsibility to help prevent fires that destroy lives, property, and our wildlands. For more information, visit the Local Services Fire Marshal’s website.

2020 WRA Election Results


Thank you to all who voted in the 2020 WRA online election. With the COVID-19 restriction this year, the board chose to have online voting.

Trustees and Issue Vote:

Percent Voted: 33.22%

IRS Income Resolution: Passes 165 – 14

2019 Minutes: Passes 170 – 8

Candidate Vote Totals:

Rick Acosta – 165

Mike Kenyon – 121

Dan Summers – 116

Steve McDonald – 3

Marc Allen – 3

Jessica Besso – 2

Joyce Jansen – 1

Matthew Rourke – 2

None of the above – 1

Wes Erikson – 1

Melanie Foister – 1

Mike O’Niel – 1

Quorum Only Votes: 30

Paper Ballots: 2

ARC Vote:

Percent Voted: 31.00%

Candidate Vote Totals:

Jessica Besso – 125

Mike Kenyon – 118

Joyce Jansen – 5

Ernie Henrie – 3

Kitty Lynch – 3

Donna Campbell – 3

Cindy Yarnchak – 3

Lara Erikson – 2

Mia Buse Stone – 2

Melanie Foister – 2

Matt Rourke – 2

The following each got one vote: Chuck Kunesh, Mike Sterkel, Donna Greathouse, Ben Larson, John Kiske, Mark Smith, Matthew Rourke, Alan Bruckner, Doug Greathouse, Thomas Grisso, Brian Hawley, Katie Fiedler, Wes Erickson, Brad Summers, Jerrad Adams, Danny McCamish, Steve McDonald, Tawna Krieble, Jordan Berry, Sam Hernandez, Laurie Farmer, “Owner’s in the A frame two houses down from ours – towards the creek”

Quorum Only Votes: 44 Paper Ballots: 2

After consulting with legal, it appears that only the top two vote-getters for ARC would be elected, as the write in candidates “did not receive the affirmative approval of a majority of the owners who participated.”

Thank you again to all who were elected and participated in the process. If you would like to be a part of the board in the future, or on current committees, please contact Board meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm and open to all members.

March Board Announcements

Dear Wilderness Rim Neighbors,

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is affecting all of us. The health and well-being of our community is of paramount concern. Whether or not the virus is quickly contained we should all do our part, until it is contained, to limit unnecessary social contact. The board, in consultation with the association management company, has been planning for contingencies that may arise in the community as a result of the spread of COVID-19. Along those lines, here are some items that the board wants to relay:

1. Social distancing: neighbors who are using the park need to take necessary precautions, especially when around the playground equipment. Please use common sense and make sure you wash your hands regularly. If you are sick, please think of your neighbors and self-quarantine at home.

2. Following the CDC guidelines which recommend against gatherings of 10 or more people, the WRA Annual Easter Egg Hunt has been cancelled.

3. The WRA board voted to grant payment extensions on payment of the February water bill to accommodate owners facing a financial hardship caused by the current health crisis.

4. The board and committees are meeting over teleconference until the COVID-19 situation changes. If you are interested in joining remotely, please contact

5. Please make sure your water meter is accessible with nothing blocking it for your water meter reading this weekend (March 20-22).

6. With the extra time at home, you might have the opportunity to do yardwork. If you remove sticks, fir needles, leaves, and other potential fire fuel from your property, please let the Firewise committee know the activity and amount of time. The community can reach its minimum hours goal for Firewise with your help.

The board plans to communicate to you mid-April with any updates after the monthly board meeting. If you have questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or contact Agynbyte at or 425-747-0146. You can also connect directly with neighbors via social media such as Nextdoor and Facebook. Thank you all for your understanding and community involvement. We are here to help each other during this difficult time.


Jim Besso, President
WRA Board of Trustees

July 2019 Announcements

(also sent to all owners with email communication on 7/29/19, the same day as statements/bills were emailed)

Dear Wilderness Rim Owners:

  1. Call for Board candidates!   Want to make a difference in your community?  One way is to volunteer to serve on the board of trustees.  Meetings are once per month and benefits include opportunities for personal and professional development as well as opportunities to meet your neighbors and influence the community in constructive ways. Your ideas for the betterment of the community may be enacted. You may submit your neighbor and/or yourself as a candidate for the ballot by Wednesday, August 21st to 
  2. The WRA Annual Meeting kickoff will be Saturday, September 7th and the Annual Meeting will be Saturday, September 21st.  Please check your mail for the official notice in the coming weeks.
  1. The WRA 2019-2020 Budget was ratified at the June 19th special meeting.  Current monthly financial statements are available on the owner portal under the documents section. The assessments that were formerly billed separately have now been combined.
  1. Summer is here which means water conservation and fire protection.  Some tips for ways to save water outdoors: Use a broom to clean the driveway or patio, instead of the hose or power washer.  Consider drought-tolerant plants to manage summer dryness.
  1. There have been some fish hooks left on the shores of Brewster Lake that small children have found.  Please remind your kids who are fishing to pack out all their gear. Thank you for helping keep the Rim a safe and fun place to live and play.
  1. The June-July water and assessment invoice payments need to be RECEIVED by Agynbyte by August 30th to avoid late fees.  Please adjust your bank bill paying schedule or check mailing schedule to allow for at least 7 business days to process.  Water shut-off tags will be hung for members 45 days or more past due in September.  You can sign up for automatic payments and check your balance online.  Questions? Contact
  1. The WRA issued its annual Water Quality Report and the water is good! More details are online and the 2018 report is at

Thank you!

Agynbyte LLC – on Behalf of the Wilderness Rim Board of Trustees
(425) 747-0146 | f. (425) 747-4169