There is a $2 million dollar treasure right under your feet:  your water system.

As a Wilderness Rim lot owner, you are a member of Wilderness Rim Association (WRA).  That means you own and insure our water system.

Yes, you.

When our water system has a problem, it’s our responsibility to fix it.  If it fails, you won’t be able live in your home and you won’t be able sell, either.  You have a huge stake in safeguarding our water supply.

Our water system is fascinating:  tanks and pipes and hydrants and wells and meters and billing systems and money.  Someone has to manage it all.

Imagine driving through the Rim knowing all the secrets that lie just below the surface.  Wouldn’t it feel heroic to be able to say, “My work matters to every single person in my community!”

Help the Water Utilities Committee.  Send an email to and say, “I want to help!”