Thank you to all who voted in the 2020 WRA online election. With the COVID-19 restriction this year, the board chose to have online voting.

Trustees and Issue Vote:

Percent Voted: 33.22%

IRS Income Resolution: Passes 165 – 14

2019 Minutes: Passes 170 – 8

Candidate Vote Totals:

Rick Acosta – 165

Mike Kenyon – 121

Dan Summers – 116

Steve McDonald – 3

Marc Allen – 3

Jessica Besso – 2

Joyce Jansen – 1

Matthew Rourke – 2

None of the above – 1

Wes Erikson – 1

Melanie Foister – 1

Mike O’Niel – 1

Quorum Only Votes: 30

Paper Ballots: 2

ARC Vote:

Percent Voted: 31.00%

Candidate Vote Totals:

Jessica Besso – 125

Mike Kenyon – 118

Joyce Jansen – 5

Ernie Henrie – 3

Kitty Lynch – 3

Donna Campbell – 3

Cindy Yarnchak – 3

Lara Erikson – 2

Mia Buse Stone – 2

Melanie Foister – 2

Matt Rourke – 2

The following each got one vote: Chuck Kunesh, Mike Sterkel, Donna Greathouse, Ben Larson, John Kiske, Mark Smith, Matthew Rourke, Alan Bruckner, Doug Greathouse, Thomas Grisso, Brian Hawley, Katie Fiedler, Wes Erickson, Brad Summers, Jerrad Adams, Danny McCamish, Steve McDonald, Tawna Krieble, Jordan Berry, Sam Hernandez, Laurie Farmer, “Owner’s in the A frame two houses down from ours – towards the creek”

Quorum Only Votes: 44 Paper Ballots: 2

After consulting with legal, it appears that only the top two vote-getters for ARC would be elected, as the write in candidates “did not receive the affirmative approval of a majority of the owners who participated.”

Thank you again to all who were elected and participated in the process. If you would like to be a part of the board in the future, or on current committees, please contact Board meetings are usually the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm and open to all members.