Wildfire prevention is something Smokey the Bear has taught for decades.  Did you see him at Cascade Park on Saturday, April 4?  Neighbors young and old watched and participated in a variety of fun educational activities put on by the WRA Firewise Committee.


King County DNRP Project Program Manager, Linda Vane, spoke about vegetation and strategies for maintaining the areas around your home.  She also brought materials (available in the WRA Office or online) for neighbors to see more examples of what the true dangers of living in a “Moderate Hazard” for wildfire neighborhood and what to do about it on your property.


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Doug Greathouse, WRA Park Co-Chair, gave us all a demo of how quickly simple needles and leaves can burst into flames.





Matt Rourke, Chair of the FIrewise Committee and current WRA Trustee, is a forestry expert.  He demonstrated techniques with tools and discussed how to keep your trees healthy as well as safety for your property.

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Evergreen Tree Care, Inc. came out with a chipper truck and climbing crew.  Watching the skill of removing some of the dangerous branches over the WRA Office was fascinating!  Thank you to the teams for demonstrating ways we can keep our homes safe.

EvergreenTruck Ropes HighUp ChippingLimbs ChipperCleanUpChipping