Last night was the first meeting of the latest incarnation of the WRA Board of Trustees. There a are a few new faces and a few faces that have left the ranks. First we’d like to thank Jason Lange and Jerry Cummings for all their efforts as Trustees. They made a significant impact and we appreciate their work very much. Jason has mentioned continuing to help as time allows with the Park Committee and we’ll likely see Jerry around too. Thank you gentlemen.

Next, please welcome our 3 new Trustees. Jessica Alexander, Erin Perry and Ruston Weaver. We’re eager to get to know them better, hear their ideas and experiences and work with them to make our community all the better.

Also, per our bylaws, last nights meeting included an election of officials. Heather Larson-Paul was elected President of the Board of Trustees, Thomas Grisso the Vice President and, Angelina Holverstott was elected Treasurer. Heather, Thomas and Angelina had been acting (elected) President, Vice President and Treasurer, respectively, for the past few months to get us through to the Annual Membership meeting held last Saturday (9/17). This allows them to continue the incredible progress made these past few months and start a 1 year term in office. The only change of officer that took place last night was in electing a new Secretary. Jim Besso will begin his 1 year term in that office. We’re very thankful to Cale Sweeney for his hard work as Secretary these past few months.

Lastly, the Board President appointed committee Chairpersons. The committee Chairpersons are as follows:

Budget and Finance: Angelina Holverstott

Firewise: Board Managed (Looking for a volunteer, please let us know if you’re interested in keeping our community safe from fire!)

Communications: Mark LaPerriere

Park: Robert Beeler

Neighborhood Safety: Jessica Besso

Water Utilities: Board Managed (Looking for a volunteer, please let us know if you’re interested in keeping our water flowing and clean!)

Special Events: Lauren Lange


That’s all folks. Look forward to seeing you at next months Board of Trustees Meeting on Wednesday, October 19 at 7:30pm at the Chalet.