Wilderness Rim Association Guidelines for Member Participation

Member Participation and Contribution

Members are welcome at all meetings and are encouraged to attend, participate and contribute to deliberations. Recognition of a speaker by the presiding officer is a prerequisite to speaking and is necessary for an orderly and effective meeting. It will be expected that all speakers deliver their comments in a courteous and efficient manner and will speak only to the specific subject under consideration.

Right to Speak

At committee meetings any member has the right to speak on any item on the agenda given there is enough time in the meeting to do so. New topics need to be communicated to the Committee Chair before the meeting so it may be added to the agenda in advance.

At Board meetings any member has the right to speak on items under discussion after the trustees have concluded their discussion and before action is taken provided time is allowed at the discretion of the Board.

Manner of Addressing the Board

Each person recognized by the Chair to address the Board shall state their name, Division and Lot number for the record, and state the subject they wish to discuss. They must also state if they are representing an organization, other persons or group of persons and limit their remarks to the amount of time the Chair allows. All remarks must be addressed to the Board as a whole, not to any member individually. All speakers must be courteous in their language and deportment and shall not discuss or comment on personalities or indulge in derogatory remarks or insinuations.

Anyone making out of order comments or acting in a manner contrary to these guidelines shall be subject to removal from the meeting.