Wilderness Rim is another example of unchecked growth in the interface area. This development has been in place for several years and is an example of why interface issues have become important. This is a small lot development that puts structures in close proximity with one another. The street system is confusing and promotes misdirection. Many of the structures have no defensible space at all while others have a minimal amount. Wilderness Rim is situated at the base of Rattlesnake ridge. A fire in this development could easily make a run up this ridge.
PRIMARY PROTECTION – Eastside Fire & Rescue

Some of the streets are dead end without adequate turnaround for fire apparatus.
Most of the streets are surfaced to only 18’.
This area is subject to strong East Wind events.
WATER SUPPLY – Wilderness Rim is served by a municipal type water system with hydrants capable of providing fire flow.

TACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS – Due to the density of structures in Wilderness Rim early evacuation must be a consideration. During a major fire, the proximity of structures may promote rapid extension of the fire from one structure to another. Units working in this area should always have accurate maps and a good sense of direction. Around some homes the natural brush has been retained as landscape. This may also increase fire spread.

RESOURCE NEEDS – Due to the geographical area and the street make up two additional strike teams of structural engines should be ordered. Again, this is an ideal location to assign aerial assets.

PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS – Moderate (65%-75%)

COMMUNITY FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT – Using the NFPA 299 community wildfire hazard assessment methodology, Wilderness Rim was rated for common features such as access, vegetation, topography, fire protection and utilities. Then several homes were rated for roof coverings and other existing conditions. Their totals were averaged to establish a community rating. See attached NFPA 299 form for Wilderness Rim. Wilderness Rim has been rated as having a high (82 points) fire risk. Individual homeowners and the community can significantly reduce the risk of home ignitions during a wildfire event by being prepared.

These are specific recommendations for the community of Wilderness Rim. There are several other general recommendations that may help reduce the potential of fire. The general recommendations can be found in Appendix E.