Please remember that there is a leash law in effect for all of Wilderness Rim. This is not only for other people’s safety, but for the safety of you and your dog as well. If you see a dog that is loose, please call Animal Control at 800-325-6165, then 67387.

11.08.160 Dog control zone – Wilderness Rim community. Under the provisions of this chapter, there is created a dog control zone in the following described area:

Wilderness Rim Division No. 1 (Vol. 82, pages 48, 49 and 50); Wilderness Rim Division No. 2 (Vol. 84, pages 95, 96, 97 and 98); Wilderness Rim Division No. 3 (Vol. 90, pages 60, 61 and 62), all recorded in volumes of Plats, Records of King County, Washington. (Ord. 4909 § 1, 1980: Ord. 4385 § 1, 1979).


            11.08.030  Dogs at large prohibited in dog control zones.  It is unlawful for owners, residing within a designated dog control zone, to allow their dogs to be at large or without restraint, except that this section shall not apply where the dogs are engaged in obedience training, lawful hunting activity, lawful competition sanctioned by a nationally recognized body or a local chapter thereof, or lawful training in preparation for such hunting or competition, are working dogs engaged in the herding of livestock, or are working dogs engaged in sanctioned search and rescue activities. (Ord. 11150 § 3, 1993:  Ord. 3548 § 3, 1978).

At large” means to be off the premises of the owner and not under the control of the owner by leash; provided, that an animal within an automobile or other vehicle of its owner shall be deemed to be upon the owner’s premises.

“Lawful training” means to be engaged in training on the premises of the owner or on the land of another person by permission, or on public land that is set aside for training or is open for hunting or trapping; provided, that the dog is accompanied afield by the owner or trainer.  A “no‑shooting” area shall not be interpreted to mean a “no-training” area.

“Leash” includes a cord, thong or chain not more than fifteen feet in length by which an animal is physically controlled by the person accompanying it.

“Restraint.”  An animal is considered to be under restraint if it is maintained and remains within the property limits of its owner or keeper.  (Ord. 3732 § 3, 1978:  Ord. 3548 § 2, 1978).