ErniePictureWe had Paige Igoe of Washington State Department of Health come to the Rim to do a Sanitary Survey.  The meeting consisted of Ernie Henrie (WRA), Page Igoe (DoH), Denny Scott (Sallal/WRA Water System Operator) and Jessica Besso (WRA). The meeting lasted for nearly two hours and some of the action items requested were:


  • Being prepared for a possible future Bacteria/E.coli event in the Rim
  • Planning for a meter replacement program
  • Following up on our Cross Connection Control Program
  • Fire flow (fighting a fire reduces the water pressure in the surrounding community)


These topics will be discussed and plans formulated to implement these needed programs. At this time we are still waiting for the engineer’s report so we can review it in detail. To implement some of these programs will be very easy and some will not. The fire flow and meter replacement programs will be very costly to implement and take much time while the cross connection control and E.coli programs will be far easier to initiate.


Also, WRA will be applying for water rights with Washington State Department of Ecology. This will be quite a process so stay tuned!


Want to be involved? Contact or come to the committee meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.