Q1: What were the current issues with Sallal that drove the change in Water System Operators?
A1: Sallal’s growth in the greater North Bend area has impacted their service level to Wilderness Rim. Their expected continued growth for the foreseeable future limits the amount of time they could make available to WRA.   Also there were some unfortunate late filings of mandatory Washington State Department of Health reports.

Q2: Are there personality or performance issues?
A2: There were no problematic personality issues.  WRA has the highest respect for Denny Scott as our Water System Operator.  A significant concern of the trustees has been the lack of enthusiasm from Sallal for capital improvements recommended in the last Small Water System Management Program from the engineers at Gray & Osborne done in 2011.

Q3: How will the costs change?
A3: Costs for operations and maintenance should remain the same or go down for water system operations.  Capital improvement costs are covered from the Capital Reserve.  Cost of water options are being researched including the ambitious goal of acquiring water rights for Wilderness Rim.   

Q4: What can we expect for customer service?
A4: Satellite Management was our water system operator for many years and provided more than adequate service for a very long time.  The benefits of having a Certified Operator who has a strong familiarity and history with our system are believed to be of significant value.  

Q5: What are the risks and opportunities?
A5: Opportunity for eyes on the system that know what we have had and can do is beneficial.  Maintaining a close working relationship between WRA management and the Certified Water System Operator should be effective in reducing risks to a minimum.