We need six people to help rebuild the wood bridge in the park. The work will take place on the second weekend of September. That will be Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9. We do need enough volunteers for both days, but if one day or part of a day is what you are able to share please offer your help for that day. You will be a welcome addition to the project.

Volunteers may contact me, Ellen Smith, at netrecce@juno.com or the office at wildrim@wildernessrim.org.

Those volunteers who have been doing the work to prepare for building the bridge realize that most of us cannot commit to an entire weekend for any project. So their request is that if you have a few hours or even an hour, especially on Saturday, please come and help. If you have tools (shovels, hammers, wheel barrows) and can bring them that would be great. The most valuable contribution is any time you can give our community to create a safe new foot bridge in our park.

Rumor has it that my friend Donna can get enough people together to provide sustenance for the workers. It has become a sort “If you build it we will feed you” kind of thing.

So, free work, free food, good people to work beside, and a safe new bridge for the children and the rest of us… who could ask for a better time? Did I say free food?