(also sent to all owners with email communication on 7/29/19, the same day as statements/bills were emailed)

Dear Wilderness Rim Owners:

  1. Call for Board candidates!   Want to make a difference in your community?  One way is to volunteer to serve on the board of trustees.  Meetings are once per month and benefits include opportunities for personal and professional development as well as opportunities to meet your neighbors and influence the community in constructive ways. Your ideas for the betterment of the community may be enacted. You may submit your neighbor and/or yourself as a candidate for the ballot by Wednesday, August 21st to trustees@wildernessrim.org. 
  2. The WRA Annual Meeting kickoff will be Saturday, September 7th and the Annual Meeting will be Saturday, September 21st.  Please check your mail for the official notice in the coming weeks.
  1. The WRA 2019-2020 Budget was ratified at the June 19th special meeting.  Current monthly financial statements are available on the owner portal under the documents section. The assessments that were formerly billed separately have now been combined.
  1. Summer is here which means water conservation and fire protection.  Some tips for ways to save water outdoors: Use a broom to clean the driveway or patio, instead of the hose or power washer.  Consider drought-tolerant plants to manage summer dryness.
  1. There have been some fish hooks left on the shores of Brewster Lake that small children have found.  Please remind your kids who are fishing to pack out all their gear. Thank you for helping keep the Rim a safe and fun place to live and play.
  1. The June-July water and assessment invoice payments need to be RECEIVED by Agynbyte by August 30th to avoid late fees.  Please adjust your bank bill paying schedule or check mailing schedule to allow for at least 7 business days to process.  Water shut-off tags will be hung for members 45 days or more past due in September.  You can sign up for automatic payments and check your balance online.  Questions? Contact water@wildernessrim.org.
  1. The WRA issued its annual Water Quality Report and the water is good! More details are online and the 2018 report is at http://wildernessrim.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2018-Water-Quality-Report.pdf.

Thank you!

Agynbyte LLC – on Behalf of the Wilderness Rim Board of Trustees
(425) 747-0146 | f. (425) 747-4169