Dear Wilderness Rim Owners:

Please note the following information for your records:

  1. The WRA 2019-2020 Budget was mailed to all members this month and is posted in the owner portal.  If you did not receive your copy, please contact  There is no action requested of members unless you want to attend the budget ratification meeting, and there is no budget increase proposed.  Some points that the board wants to highlight:
    • The mailing satisfied the new Washington State law for member notification.  In the past, the budget and annual financial statements were presented together at the annual meeting in September.  Because of the new law, the timing changed.  The fiscal year ends June 30 and begins July 1.  Current monthly financial statements are available on the owner portal under the documents section.
    • The assessments that were formerly billed separately have now been combined.
    • The “3-Minute Executive Summary” is from the most recent reserve study, which is also available on the owner portal.  This is completed each year to satisfy Washington State law.  The board and management have reviewed current reserves and contributions and determined that funding is sufficient for the common areas.
  2. Tenants and Landlords: Because WRA is a homeowners’ association, communication (including billing) is to the owners of each lot in Wilderness Rim.  As an owner, you are responsible for all bills.  The WRA Rules and Regulations for the Water System do not provide for billing tenants.  Tenant contact information should be provided to Agynbyte in case of water emergencies.
  3. Summer is almost here which means water conservation and fire protection.  Some tips for ways to save water outdoors: leave the grass clippings on the lawn. They’re 90% water and provide nitrogen.  Also, water after 7:00 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m. to avoid excessive loss to evaporation.
  4. The April-May water and assessment invoice payments need to be received by Agynbyte by June 28th to avoid late fees.  Please adjust your bank bill paying schedule or check mailing schedule to allow for at least 7 business days to process.  Water shut-off tags will be hung for members 45 days or more past due in July.  Questions? Contact
  5. Community garage sales are happening around the Rim Saturday, June 8.
  6. Board positions currently available.  Want to make a difference in your community?  Volunteer to serve on the board of trustees.  Meetings are once per month and benefits include opportunities for personal and professional development as well as opportunities to meet your neighbors and influence the community in constructive ways. Your ideas for the betterment of the community may be enacted.  Contact


Thank you!

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