We have received the letter below from Wendy Kara, with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks.  She has told us that this work may start within a few days.

Dear Wilderness Rim Association,

 This e-mail is to inform you of some maintenance actions that King County is planning for your neighborhood as soon as we can get the King County construction crew scheduled.  This is work that is being done under the FEMA and State grant to reduce flooding in your neighborhood.  Today the state gave us the okay to move ahead with this work and King County Roads let us know that they have an opening in their schedule starting this week and we are planning to get this work on their schedule while we have the opportunity.  Please let us know right away if you have any questions about this work.

Reconstruct roadside ditches and clean out driveway culverts along portions of SE 175th Place and 424th Ave SE

Raise infiltration pond maintenance access road and connect to existing berm to the northwest

 I’ve attached plans that show the location of work to reconstruct the roadside ditches as we proposed in our grant proposal.  Plans can be confusing to read, but if you look at the attached ditch work plan, sheet 2 shows with cross hatching the location of the ditch work.  The sheet 6 shows the ditch side slopes which will typically be approximately 1.5:1 or 2:1 and the depth will be approximately 1-1.5 feet deeper than current ditches.   [Wendy’s attachments are available from the WRA office by request.]

 I’ve also attached the plans for raising a portion of the pond maintenance access road and connecting to an existing berm next to the infiltration pond behind the house at 17316 424th Ave SE to provide flood protection to the three homes (lots 1010, 1020 and 1030) northwest of the pond access road.  The berm connection will involve about 3 feet of fill and the maintenance access road will be raised approximately 1-1.5 feet in the areas that need to be raised.  [Wendy’s attachments are available from the WRA office by request.]

 The more typical pond maintenance may also be done at this time, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  The larger excavation/maintenance project to be done under the grant will likely happen next year.

Let me and Tim Kelly, our project engineer, know if you have questions.

 Wendy Kara, P.E.

Engineer III, Capital Services Unit
Water and Land Resources Division
King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
201 S. Jackson, Suite 600
Seattle, WA, 98104-8355