2019 WRA Annual Meeting Election Results

Here are the preliminary results from the 2019 WRA Annual Meeting.  The vendor will be sending the full report of the results early next week.   Invitations will be sent to the top vote recipients for ARC. Approve the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes – pass Approve the amended and restated WRA Bylaws – pass Board Candidates –(…)


Wilderness Rim purchases water from Sallal Water Association.  From www.sallal.com: WHAT HAPPENED?  The staff at Sallal Water Association (state water system ID # 75560Q)  takes water samples from about 25 sampling stations located throughout the service area.  In August samples were taken, and no E. Coli was present. As part of the routine sampling protocol,(…)

Annual Meeting and Community Announcements

Dear Wilderness Rim Owners: The WRA Annual Meeting kickoff will be Saturday, September 7th and the Annual Meeting will be Saturday, September 21st.  Please check your email and mailbox for the official notice and ballot information the first week of September. Your June-July water payments are due!  Please make sure you make payments to WRA(…)

July 2019 Announcements

(also sent to all owners with email communication on 7/29/19, the same day as statements/bills were emailed) Dear Wilderness Rim Owners: Call for Board candidates!   Want to make a difference in your community?  One way is to volunteer to serve on the board of trustees.  Meetings are once per month and benefits include opportunities for(…)