WRA 2022 Annual Meeting and Fishing Derby

Please watch your mailbox and/or email for the official notice and ballot for the September 17th 2022 WRA Annual Meeting. Three trustee and three ARC positions are open for new candidates. The meeting will take place at Cascade Park beginning at 10:00am to announce the ballot results and open discussion.We will be holding a fishing(…)

Water Meter Maintenance

Do you know where your water meter is?  Do you know it is probably in need of some TLC?  Per WRA’s water rules and regulations, access to your meter “shall not be blocked or obstructed in any way by fences, trees, shrubs, yard waste, vehicles, etc.   Members shall keep the area around meter boxes clear(…)

Meter Averages – February Bill Cycle

Wilderness Rim Owners: Due to significant snow still piled up over water meters at this time, the February billing cycle will use averages to calculate usage. This average will be calculated using both the September and November/December read numbers.  Members do have the option of reading your own meter if you do not wish to(…)