First Meeting of the “New” Board of Trustees 2016

Neighbors, Last night was the first meeting of the latest incarnation of the WRA Board of Trustees. There a are a few new faces and a few faces that have left the ranks. First we’d like to thank Jason Lange and Jerry Cummings for all their efforts as Trustees. They made a significant impact and(…)

2016 Annual Membership Meeting Ballot Results

Neighbors, While this morning’s weather kept most folks in the warmth of their own homes, the turnout for the 2016 Annual Membership Meeting ballot was impressive – record breaking even. The Board of Trustees attribute this in part to the new online voting system. While the online voting didn’t go nearly as smoothly as we(…)

2016 Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

Neighbors, Here is the agenda for the 2016 Annual Membership Meeting being held tomorrow, Saturday, September 19, 2016 at 10:00am. Don’t forget to stick around for the hot dog roast afterward and meet your neighbors. Hope to see you there!   Agenda Call to Order – President -Heather Flag Procession and Pledge of Allegiance lead(…)