Over the weekend of June 17th there were three incidents of vandalism in Wilderness Rim. Please remember if you witness any incidents of vandalism to call the office and the police.
Homeowners bear the cost of clean-up.

  1. Someone dropped off about 15 paint cans at the triangle by the main road in the Rim. As if that wasn’t bad enough, then someone opened one of the cans and poured blue paint all over the place. There were numerous bicycle tracks through the blue paint.
  2. A porta-potty was tipped over onto someone’s lawn. Potelco paid the clean-up on that one. If you see one of these tipped over, there is a phone number on the side of the porta-potty you can call to report it and request immediate clean-up.
  3. The electrical box in the large picnic shelter was damaged by vandals. This will cost around $250.00 to repair.

If any of you know anything about who was involved in any of these acts please let us know.