The Wilderness Rim Association has received a number of complaints this year about un-neighborly behavior. Although we, the Board of Trustees, are concerned about each of the residents of Wilderness Rim, resolving neighborly disputes is not one of our responsibilities. Frequently, neighborly disputes can be settled simply by talking with your neighbor. This can be difficult to do sometimes, but personal communication is usually the most effective method of resolving a conflict with your neighbor. Escalating the issue to higher authorities without first discussing the issue with your neighbor often brings negative results, exasperating the situation.

Some advice on resolving neighborly disputes includes:

• Talk to your neighbor soon after the issue arises. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen.

• If you have a complaint, approach your neighbor as a neighbor – with tact and respect.

• If you’re approached by your neighbor with a complaint, try not to take offense. Instead, try to understand your neighbor’s perspective, and try to think of a reasonable way to resolve the issue.

• Be prepared to compromise, whether you’re the neighbor issuing the complaint, or whether you’re the one receiving the complaint.

Thank you for your help in keeping the Rim a friendly place to live.