We surveyed the park and the Chalet yesterday for storm damage and here’s what we found:

5 Cherry blossom trees were totally destroyed due to ice and snow. They will be
replaced but not until springtime.
Huge amount of branches and some small trees (in addition the cherry trees) have fallen in and around the park. Greenbelt also has to be cleaned up.
Gutter has fallen off the Chalet due to ice buildup. I’ll be calling the company that put up the gutters and have them give us an estimate for the repair/replacement cost, and I’m checking on the warranty even though I’m not sure it applies when it comes to storm damage but hey, you never know.
I know it doesn’t sound bad but you need to see it to totally appreciate the amount of debris. Alpine Landscaping will start clean up this week, weather permitting. I just heard on the news that there is another wind storm coming tomorrow(Tuesday January 24th).
We are going to make a pile of the branches, etc and then we will have the debris hauled away when clean up is finished.