1) You must be a resident of Wilderness Rim or a member of Wilderness Rim to post a sign. Please include a contact phone number on your sign.
2) All signs shall be dated and posted with either staples or tacks. Please do not use nails.
3) Signs shall not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches in size, and no additional attractions (balloons, banners, streamers, etc.) shall be posted with any sign.
4) Signs must be weatherproof.
5) Wording shall be appropriate and not distasteful.
6) Business, political and religious signs are prohibited.
7) Event signs shall be posted no more than five days prior to any event, and shall be removed within 24 hours following the event.
8) Signs for items for sale may be posted only if they are sold by owner.
9) Signs may be posted for one week increments.
10) WRA reserves the right to post, remove and dispose of any signs.