Annual Meeting Voting

Hello Wilderness Rim,

As many of you have heard, we are moving over to an online voting format this year. Some of you have started receiving an instruction packet in the mail that explains the move and how to register with your unique registration code. We wanted to clarify that registration and voting will not open until September 3, 2016. So if you try before hand, you may get an error.

In the future, you will be able to log in with your user ID that you create during registration anytime to see if there are any open voting or active surveys. We want to hear from the community and will be using this system often!

Thank you!


2016 WRA Annual Meeting

Chalet Roof Work Underway


The long anticipated work on the Chalet roof will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30, 2016. The work should take approximately 2 weeks. There may be times when the office and or the meeting area of the Chalet are closed for safety. Those times should be fairly infrequent. Feel free to contact the Office by email or phone if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Wilderness Rim Association Board of Trustees
Phone: 425-888-0087

Do you love the Wilderness Rim park?

Hi Neighbors!
Do you love Wilderness Rim’s Cascade Park and Brewster Lake?  Then come join your neighbors to show our recreation areas some TLC on Saturday, August 27th starting at 9am.  Here’s the plan in brief:
  • Show up at 9am
  • Have fun
  • Clean up dead branches and re-purpose them for Mother Earth via a Chipper
  • Meet neighbors
  • Paint the park picnic tables at the shelter
  • Eat some food and talk to your neighbors

If you are able to make it, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly and keep you well fed and happy during the day. Please email to confirm you will be blessing us with your presence. If you are planning on joining us, it might be a good idea to bring some work gloves.

Also, if you can’t make that date but are still interested in helping out, you can! From now until park cleanup day, you can help by gathering dead branches on your own time and bringing them over to the waste bins by the WRA office. This will help us get a good head start on the clean up.
If you have any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly ( or the WRA Parks Committee (
Looking forward to meeting you!
Jason Lange, Trustee 3
Wilderness Rim Board of Trustees

Reminder: Special Meeting Friday, August 12

Just a quick reminder that there is a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees scheduled for Friday, August 12, 2016.

The purpose/agenda of the meeting:

Discuss Electronic Balloting
Discuss Annual Meeting – key points, schedule, and purchase of required items
CLOSED EXECUTIVE SESSION to discuss legal issues and personnel matters.


Don’t forget: Upcoming meetings

Just a quick reminder about upcoming Committee meetings on Wednesday, August 10:

6:30 – Water
7:15 – Firewise
7:30 – Budget & Finance
8:00 – Annual Meeting – Special Meeting

We welcome member participation!  Come join us if you can, and help keep our community a great place to live!

Want to be a Trustee?

Trustee and ARC positions are available!  If you are interested in running, please contact the WRA Office to return a candidate information form to the BOT before August 17.  Membership elections will take place Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Cascade Park.  Elected trustee positions are for three-year terms while ARC positions are for a one-year term.


Financial Update—Water and Assessments

At the June 15, 2016 meeting, the WRA Board of Trustees voted to raise the base level minimum water rate charge by $2 from $34 to $36.  This is effective as of the July 2016 billing cycle.

The HOA Dues Assessment billing will be occurring in September to coincide with the annual meeting ballot ratification of the budget.

Questions or comments?  Please contact


Chalet Roof Project Update

The Wilderness Rim Board of Trustees has selected a contractor to replace the Chalet and Office roofs based on the Park Committee’s recommendations.

The work is tentatively scheduled to begin late August/early September.

WRA has requested a specific start date from the contractor and will update the WRA calendar once a firm date for the work has been established with the contractor.

If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact the Park Committee.


Recent Pictures of the Chalet with the Cedar Shake Roof, installed in 1967.

A view of the Chalet RoofDetail of the Cedar Shake Roof, installed in 1967.

Picture of Chalet in 1969, sporting the cedar shake roof… the lack of trees is quite striking. When Wilderness Rim was established, it was built in a clear cut.

Chalet in 1969 from KC GIS

View of the Chalet in the late 1990’s

Chalet 1990's

Views of Chalet in 2008 and 2015

Calet 2015 frontChalet 2015 Side

Special Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda – July 29, 2016


  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Announce and Record Election Results
  • Elect Officers
  • Establish Check Signers
  • Assign Committee Chairs
    • Standing Committees
      • Budget and Finance
      • Communications
      • Park
      • Water Utilities
    • Special Committees
      • Firewise
      • Community Events
      • Neighborhood Safety
  • Discussion concerning bylaw-driven items
    • Monthly Billing
    • Newsletter
  • Member Q&A
  • Adjourn Meeting