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The Drums

Seventeen drums representing different cultures are placed in an exterior courtyard of vine maples. A clear flowing stream moves water up copper tubing above each drum.  Computer-driven solenoid valves create programmed rhythms of contemporary and ethnic compositions as well as mimicking the rain at various times.

Artist Dan Corson:

“I wondered how to turn the experience of sitting in the watershed’s old growth forests and moss covered stands of vine maple while listening to the hypnotic pattern of rain on the leaves into art.  While in Bali months earlier, I had heard of some drums that were designed to be played by the rain.  Although I searched and never found any examples, the idea of those drums became strongly rooted into my mind.”

Come visit on a day when the temperature is 36 degrees Fahrenheit or above and enjoy the amazing artwork Dan Corson and his team brought to life.


Seattle Public Utilities
Cedar River Watershed Education Center
19901 Cedar Falls Rd SE
North Bend, WA 98045
(206)733-9421 or (425)831-6780