At the Water/Budget & Finance Committee meeting on April 23, 2014, Chris Gonzalez from FCS Group presented his “Water Rate and Reserve Study” to members.  The study will be used by the WRA Board to evaluate decisions on future water rate increases, capital management, and reserve funding.  The presentation contains proprietary information owned by FCS Group and WRA.  This should not be publicly distributed and is for members only.  To access this post, you must be a registered website user.  For details about how to register, please see How to Access Members-Only Posts.

Some key points from the presentation:

– Reserves for operations and future shortfalls in revenue are strongly encouraged and the concepts were well-accepted by the members present.

– WRA is encouraged to maintain the current capital funding surcharge at $8 per billing cycle and to impose a 9% rate increase across all tiers at the beginning of the fiscal year.

– Chris noted that WRA’s base tier ($15/month) is one of the lowest that he has seen in the region.

– The study’s results generally endorsed WRA water operations policies and gave confidence that WRA is being managed appropriately.
To see the final version of the presentation, please follow this link:  Water Rate and Reserve Study 

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