Here are the results of the Special Meeting of the Membership called by the members for the purpose of adding and removing trustees from the board, held on July 26, 2016.

TOTAL BALLOTS CAST:   173  (28% of membership)

Results for questions concerning the removal of trustees:

Number Question Result Percentage
Q1 Retain the Board of Trustees Failed to Achieve Majority 43% Yes / 43% No
Q2 Remove Donna Greathouse as Trustee Approved 55% Yes
Q3 Remove Ernie Henrie as Trustee Approved 54% Yes
Q4 Remove Joyce Jansen as Trustee Approved 60% Yes


The following members are elected to the board of Trustees as a result of the candidate elections:

Jason Lange (Elected – 81 Votes)

Kelly Koechel (Elected – 74 Votes)

Jerry Cummings (Elected – 71 Votes)

Robert Beeler (Elected – 66 Votes)

Cale Sweeny (Elected – 64 Votes)

Jim Besso (Elected Write-in – 26 Votes)

The Board of Trustees now consists of the following members: Thomas Grisso, Heather Larson-Paul, Angelina Holverstott, Wil Chromey, Mark LaPerriere, Jason Lange, Kelly Koechel, Jerry Cummings, Robert Beeler, Cale Sweeney, Jim Besso.

Congratulations to the newest board members, and the Wilderness Rim Association thanks the members who participated in this process.

There is a special meeting of the Board of Trustees for the purpose of recording the ballot results, electing officers, voting on check signers and chair/co-chair persons of committees is set for Friday, July 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

(Note) All new board member positions are for 3 year terms. Some trustees have elected to have their terms limited until the Annual Meeting in September and rerun for a 3 year position.