Wil Chromey, Co-Chair of the Water Utilities Committee, being very satisfied at the performance of Satellite Management Services and Roger Lillejord, and having no pressing business to address is cancelling this meeting and will convene again in August.

The meters will be read this coming weekend by Ben Larson.  Please keep an eye out for him on his bicycle as he travels our community’s streets.

Anyone with questions or concerns for the Water Utilities Committee are encouraged to email water@wildernessrim.org.

As volunteers, the trustees and committee leaders, will find it difficult to prioritize WRA activities over more fulfilling interests or commitments when their time and expertise is not valued here.

There is no requirement in our Bylaws or the RCW that a committee meeting be held at this time.

Should you have any constructive observations, questions or concerns, please email them to Susie, at office@wildernessrim.org.  The office will, as always, respond to these items or forward them to the appropriate committee leadership or the trustees.  Please remember our posted office hours are when such messages are processed.

Thank you.