Wilderness Rim Fire Station 88 needs volunteers! Eastside Fire and Rescue is taking applications for the fall training class. You can find information on how to apply and the scope of the commitment here: http://www.eastsidefire-rescue.org/Volunteers/Default.htm.
Station 88

From Dan Covey, Wilderness Rim member and Volunteer Firefighter:

“Station 88 is the best place in the department for volunteers because you have the opportunity to go on a lot of calls, we’ve got good equipment, and we work well with the career station in town. I call volunteering the best hobby in the world. Once you’re out of the initial training and get assigned to Station 88, the other volunteers are really helpful in getting you up to speed and responding to calls.

If you’re thinking you’re too old, think again! A woman in my basic volunteer fire fighter class was in her early 60s and completed the same training as the youngest in the class who was 19. Finally, applicants who live close to Station 88 will get priority selection for joining, so if you’re at all interested in this opportunity, follow the URL above and apply today!”
Eastside Fire