Thanks for Beautifying Our Park…

Thank you to all the community members who showed up to help take care of our park. We had a great time, even in the rain. The bushes and Rhodies are in great shape again. Don’t fret if you weren’t able to pitch in this time, there will be lots to help with when the snow melts!
Joyce Jansen, Park Committee Chair

WRA Bulletin Board Guidelines

1) You must be a resident of Wilderness Rim or a member of Wilderness Rim to post a sign. Please include a contact phone number on your sign.
2) All signs shall be dated and posted with either staples or tacks. Please do not use nails.
3) Signs shall not exceed 11 inches by 17 inches in size, and no additional attractions (balloons, banners, streamers, etc.) shall be posted with any sign.
4) Signs must be weatherproof.
5) Wording shall be appropriate and not distasteful.
6) Business, political and religious signs are prohibited.
7) Event signs shall be posted no more than five days prior to any event, and shall be removed within 24 hours following the event.
8) Signs for items for sale may be posted only if they are sold by owner.
9) Signs may be posted for one week increments.
10) WRA reserves the right to post, remove and dispose of any signs.

The WRA Halloween Carnival Was a Great Success!

The monster cake walk was the favorite activity of the 35 children and 15 parents who braved the chilly weather to celebrate. The kids also had a great time in the Spooky Hollow, fishing for treasure, pinning the nose on the witch, and tossing bats at the ghost. There were snacks at the Spooky Café and lots of medals were awarded at the costume contest. The Raccoon won the medal for having the most unique costume.

This was a great event and we’d like to thank all those who made it happen. Our volunteers were: Patti and Amanda Gates; Paige Dahlberg; Kim Thompson; Kayleen Glenn; Donna Jaeger; Debbie Latta; Karen Kruger; Cyndee Dewey; Jackie, Trina, Brittney, Laura and David Welninski; Joyce Jansen; Blanca and Jim Anderson; Wendy Harrison and Danielle Haywood. These people helped with planning, making announcements, organizing, ordering, shopping, baking, building props, decorating, setting up, running the booths and cleaning up.

Trash at the Triangle

Please do not leave any discarded items or “for free” items at the entrance to the Rim or at the Triangle. This is considered illegal dumping. If you have any items that you would like to give away, you may post a sign on the bulletin boards. We want to keep our community looking great. Thanks.

The Assessments

This month’s water bill also includes a charge of $50.00, which is for the Security and Park Assessments.

There will be a $15.00 late fee per assessment for any unpaid balances. Please contact Valerie if you need to make payment arrangements.

Winter Driving Etiquette

Please remember that when the roads are icy, it is safest to wait at the top of the Cedar Falls Entrance hill and proceed down one car at a time when leaving the Rim.

Also, parking your car on the roadside could get it snow packed in by the snowplow.

Volunteers Needed for Special Events

Thanks to the wonderful support of the Board, we will be trying some new ideas for community events this year. In doing so we hope to attract all ages from 0 to 100, and bring a wider diversity of community members together. This is new territory for all of us and we would love your thoughts, ideas, and most especially some volunteers to help out.

Blanca Anderson and Laura Welninski are the chairs of this committee.
If you are interested in joining in the fun please call
the WRA office at 888-0087.

Holiday in the Chalet

Celebrate a holiday or any other event in the Chalet located in Cascade Park. The Chalet is available by reservation to all WRA homeowners. For more information or to make a reservation call the WRA office at 888-0087.