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Park Planting Party

PlantingATreeIt’s not easy being green – unless you live in Wilderness Rim!  If you like keeping our neighborhood flourishing with foliage, please join us to plant some trees this Sunday, March 16th at 3:30 PM in the park and greenbelt areas.  We have cedars, firs, oaks, crabapples, and many other varieties.  Bring a shovel, plastic garden pots, gloves, and dress for possible showers. Please contact park@wildrim.org if you are interested.

Questions to the WRA Treasurer

Q:  Please have the treasurer, Donna Greathouse, explain the two line items “Board of Trustees $150″(Assessment) and “Repairs – WRA Buildings $12,000”?

A:  The $12000 is projected for roof repairs on the Chalet and office.  If this proves to not be enough we will at least set aside this much to combine with funds from the next year.  Our goal is to not have to ask the members for a special assessment for what should be paid out of operating revenue.  The primary purpose of the assessment revenue is to care for the assets of the association.

The Board of Trustees line was added to account for expenses specific to Board administration, such as the recurring need to replace or re-key to office door lock.  Now that we have that key-less entry that cost should be minimal but we did make that expense in the current fiscal year. Another item that most likely should go in there is the cost of trustee manuals.  It isn’t significant in itself but we are trying to have detail where it can be useful in determining ways to control costs and be accountable for expenditures.

A Brief Description of WRA


Wilderness Rim was started in 1967.

We have:

  • an Administrative Assistant in the WRA Office located in the Rim
  • an independent bookkeeper
  • a Certified Public Accountant
  • an attorney
  • an insurance agent
  • a private security patrol staffed by off-duty King County officers
  • an amazing Water System to bring us some of the best water in the country
  • a Certified Water System Operator
  • a current and effective water and assessment billing software
  • a Greenbelt
  • a nice, well-maintained park with a lake
  • contractors and/or employees to maintain our properties
  • a bank account with more than a half million dollars saved

Our Homeowners’ Annual Dues remain at only $80 per lot.

We pay our taxes and help our neighbors.  We have social functions for our members and their children.  Santa visits us.  Sometimes the Easter Bunny, too.  We have accomplished all of this due to the significant and generous contributions of volunteers who have helped this association for the last 47 years.

We have managed all of this without an Oversight Committee because the WRA Bylaws clearly define how to manage this business, including supervision of WRA employees:

Bylaw 3.3.1  President.  The president shall:

  • preside at all meetings of the trustees and membership;
  • sign as president all contracts or other written instruments authorized by the Board of Trustees;
  • call special meetings of the trustees or of the membership whenever deemed necessary;
  • supervise the employees of WRA, under the direction of the Board of Trustees;
  • appoint chairpersons as required; and
  • conduct the business affairs of WRA, under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

It is the duty of the four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) to oversee the day to day operations of the association.
This business structure has served us well for decades.

The volunteers who you have elected to serve as your Board of Trustees are proud to be a part of this great legacy.