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Notice of King County Utility Rate Increase

On November 7, 2016, the King County Council passed Ordinance 18403, by a vote of 7 to 2 (Mr. Von Reichbauer and Mr. Dunn dissenting), creating New Section 6.27.080 of King County Code. This new code section requires franchise utilities,    consisting of electric, gas, water, and sewer, to pay a fee to the County in return for the right to use their right of way. The King County Facilities Management Division is currently creating administrative rules to implement the Ordinance.

More information, including the draft rule and a comment form can be found at the following website:


The WRA WUC recommends contacting members of the King County Council to share your thoughts about this new fee.  Councilmember Kathy Lambert is the District 3 representative encompassing Wilderness Rim and surrounding communities. Councilmember Lambert can be contacted via email at kathy.lambert@kingcounty.gov  or by phone at (206) 477-1003.  The deadline for comments is 5:00 PM, December 7, 2017.

If the current proposed fees are implemented, it will increase every utility bill you receive by $5.00 (minimum) to $???? per month.

Being a Good Neighbor

Recent nice weather has led to an increase in member complaints. Nearly all could have been resolved by members following Rim Restrictive Covenants and Architectural Guidelines, King County Ordinances, or by talking to their neighbors and working with them to resolve the issues. Issues included:

  • Dogs Barking and Off Leash. Dogs and children have recently been hurt or harassed by dogs off leash in neighborhoods or in the park or greenbelt. Dogs must be on-leash at all times in Wilderness Rim. Members have also been disturbed by loud barking dogs. If your dog is a barker, keep them inside or get a barking collar from a pet store. The Board does not have the power to intervene. Dealing with barking and off-leash dogs is a legal action handled by King County. If you cannot get your neighbor to quiet their dog, please contact King County at http://kingcounty.gov/safety/regionalAnimalServices/~/media/safety/regionalAnimalServices/documents/AnimalComplaints.ashx.
  • Bright Lights on Houses. Several members raised concerns about very bright house lights that light up the neighborhood and make it difficult for nearby neighbors to sleep at nights or enjoy the stars. According to Architectural Review Guideline 8.9.1. Lighting. “Outdoor lighting shall not be intrusive on neighboring properties or roads.” If you have a bright light, consider a lower wattage bulb, a smaller, less intrusive light fixture, or a security light. Also, consider turning off the light when you go to bed at night.
  • RVs and Camping Trailers. RVs and large trailers have popped up everywhere. Although great for camping, they are now taking up space on roads and some are being used for long-term living in the Rim through hook-ups to septic and propane tanks. Restrictive Covenant 7 prohibits the use of a trailer or RV as a residence either temporarily or permanently.

Bottom line – Treat others as you would like to be treated!

2017 Annual Meeting: Board of Trustees Requests Nominations and Pro and Con Statements

The Board of Trustees of Wilderness Rim Association request nominations for positions on the Board of Trustees, Architectural Review Committee (ARC), and Advisory Committee. The Board is also asking for pro and con statements for proposed ballot approvals and bylaw amendments.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees, ARC, or Advisory Committee, please submit your name and a short statement (a paragraph or two) as to why you want to be on the Board, ARC, or Advisory Committee. If you would like to write a pro or con statement, limit it to a few paragraphs. Submit your name and statement of qualifications, or pro/con statement, by email to office@wildernessrim.org, by mail (WRA, PO Box 315, North Bend, WA 98045), or hand deliver to the office drop box behind the Cascade Park Chalet. Nominations and statements must be received by the Office by August 11, 2017. This information will be included in the ballot information provided to the members later in August.

The duties of the Board of Trustees are to ensure that our common resources are managed in compliance with all the applicable laws, such as the Revised Code of Washington, and in the best interests of the membership. The number of Trustees who shall manage the business affairs of the Association is 11. Two trustees are currently serving three-year terms, thus nine positions are open.

The Architectural Review Committee, also known as the Architectural Control Committee, is responsible for assuring the compliance of Association members and Wilderness Rim residents with the Wilderness Rim Restrictive or Protective Covenants as applied to members’ lots; maintaining records of construction and improvement plans; drafting or amending Architectural Guidelines, which then must be approved by the membership; and educating the membership about the Architectural Guidelines. Members serve for one year, and the Committee shall be composed of at least three, but not more than six members.

The Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Trustees about current issues that may be subject to the Association’s governing documents and continuing resolutions. The committee shall be composed of at least two but not more than five members. To be a member of the committee, you must have completed a minimum of three years on the Board of Trustees and have served as an officer for at least one of those years.



Water Rates to Increase

Wilderness Rim Association (WRA) purchases its water from Sallal Water Association (Sallal). In 2016, WRA paid Sallal about $11,125 per month for water. Sallal recently notified the WRA Board of Trustees (Board) that Sallal was increasing the monthly fee to $13,855 per month, or nearly 25%. Sallal stated that the increase reflects rising costs since the last rate update in 2011, as well as a one-time adjustment for the cost of hiring a new field operator. On January 18, the Board met and passed a motion to increase the Base water rate from $36 to $44.82 beginning at the end of March to cover the cost of the wholesale water rate increase. The Base rate covers water usage from 0 to 200 cubic feet per billing period, which means that all residents will pay the increased fee, regardless of total water use. The fees for water use above this rate will remain the same. For water rates, see “WRA Water Rate and Fee Schedules” at http://wildernessrim.org/legal.

2014 Holiday Light Contest Winners

Over 200 homes had lights on them this year!  Thank you to everyone who shared some cheer this season with their neighbors, and thank you to our sponsors:








Eleven adults and nine kids helped judge the winners based on curb appeal, use of color, content, and volume of lights.  The competition was fierce, but here are the homes that won gift certificates to Boxleys or Ace (and the grand prize winner gets to ride in the fire truck next week!):

1st Place:   17007 426th Ave SE

17007 426th Ave

2nd Place:  17403 SE Cedar Falls Rd

17403 S E Cedar Falls Rd

3rd Place:  17436 426th Ave SE

17436 426th

4th Place:  17404 426th Ave SE

17404 426th

Also honorable mentions:

16827 426 Ave 43305 432nd 42805 se 170th pl 17014 427th 17320 426th 42406 S E 169th 42766 Se 173rd pl 42921 175th17335 428th ave se 17212 428thpl se 17004 426th



If you haven’t already, take a drive around the Rim to see the excellent displays before Christmas!

Office Administrative Coordinator Hired

Wilderness Rim Association is pleased to announce the hire of Jessica Besso as the WRA Administrative CoordinatorJessica joined the team officially on July 24th.
Jessica brings over 16 years of experience in accounting, auditing, and customer service. Her capabilities include small business accounting, internal and external audit fieldwork, and project management among other skills desired for this position.  As the Office Coordinator, she will be responsible for day-to-day tasks for the association as well as performing the accounting functions.  With her CPA and CFE licenses and her prior experience on WRA committees including Water Utilities and Budget & Finance, Jessica has excellent knowledge of WRA business processes.   
We are excited to have Jessica’s expertise in the office and she is looking forward to serving her neighbors well.  The future is looking bright for Wilderness Rim! 

July 2014 Annual Meeting Ballot Election Results

TOTAL BALLOTS CAST:   91  (15% of membership)


Chris Hardy
Ben Larson
Jeff Sowell


Jessica Besso
Steve McDonald
Doug Greathouse
Fernando Platin, Jr.
Leslie Kreher
Matt Rourke

1)    Approve the 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes YES 89%
2)    Approve the Feb 2014 Special Meeting Minutes YES 86%
3)    Approve the 2014-2015 Budget YES 84%
4)    Approve Assessment for Security Patrol for 2014-2015 YES 64%
4a)  Should #4 pass, vote for the 2014-2015 amount per lot: $40 YES 73%
5)   Authorize capital expenditure to replace the Chalet roof without         special assessment (Bylaw 3.2.6): YES 75%
Amendments to WRA Bylaws require 67.67% to Pass
6) Bylaw Amendment #1:           Intro  Reference to RCW 64.38 Passed 90%
7) Bylaw Amendment #2.2          Voting By Mail Passed 94%
8) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.1       Board Powers and # of Trustees Passed 70%
9) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.2      Trustee term limited to one-year Failed 43%
10) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.7      Limit Check Signing Term Passed 88%
11) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.8       Prevent Trustee Compensation Passed 93%
12) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.13    Strengthens criminal act penalty Passed 81%
13) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.15    Protects WRA from trustees violating Bylaws Passed 80%
14) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.16    Protects WRA from trustees violating Bylaws Passed 77%
15) Bylaw Amendment #3.1.17    Candidate assurance of Bylaw compliance Passed 83%
16) Bylaw Amendment #3.2.4      Clarifies trustees’ responsibilities Passed 85%
17) Bylaw Amendment #3.2.5      WRA Real Property provision Passed 78%
18) Bylaw Amendment #3.2.10    Compliance with RCW Passed 92%
19) Bylaw Amendment #3.2.11    Requires audit every 4 years Passed 87%
20) Bylaw Amendment #3.3.0      Restricts officers from acting without Board Failed 53%
21) Bylaw Amendment #3.3.2      Restricts V.P. from acting without Board Failed 53%
22) Bylaw Amendment #3.3.3      Restricts Sec. from acting without Board Failed 57%
23) Bylaw Amendment #3.3.5      Limits secretary to one officer position Passed 82%
24) Bylaw Amendment #3.3.6      Limits officers to chairing one committee Passed 76%
25) Bylaw Amendment #4.1.0      Timing of Annual Meeting to Sept. Passed 81%
26) Bylaw Amendment #4.1.1      Requires CPA for financial reports Passed 85%
27) Bylaw Amendment #4.3        Clarifies quorum requirement Passed 84%
28) Bylaw Amendment #4.4        Changes Board meeting to third Wed. Passed 90%
29)  Bylaw Amendment #4.5       Announcing special meeting of the Board Passed 91%
30) Bylaw Amendment #4.6        Clarifies Vote By Mail procedure Passed 88%
31) Bylaw Amendment #5.1.6     Updates communication methods Passed 91%
32) Bylaw Amendment #5.1.9     Clarifies Committee responsibilities Passed 87%
33) Bylaw Amendment #5.1.10   Request for Proposal procedure Passed 84%
34) Bylaw Amendment #5.2.2     Clarifies trustee financial duties Passed 89%
35) Bylaw Amendment #5.2.3     Adds Website to Communications Passed 92%
36) Bylaw Amendment #7.1       Clarifies Vote By Mail Passed 90%
37) Bylaw Amendment #7.2       To comply with RCW Passed 80%