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2014 Annual Meeting – Ballot Q&A Sessions

Question 1 – Is there a standing resolution to not hire someone in the Rim?

A: Rim Residents can apply for positions per the 5/8/13 Board decision.


Question 2 – Who submitted which Bylaw amendments?  Is there a way to make the process more transparent in future years?

A: Anyone may know who submitted the amendments (we can put the list on the website if desired).  We can work to improve the process with member feedback.

2014 WRA Membership Ballots Are in the Mail!



Look for yours soon!  Here are the items mailed (with supplemental information) in case you just can’t wait:


2014-annual-meeting-documents (Requires Member Login) 

Three sessions for members to learn more about the items on the Ballot are scheduled at the Chalet for:

Saturday,     June 28,     10:00 a.m.

Tuesday,      July 1,     7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, July 9,         7:00 p.m.

Please join your neighbors for a discussion of what these changes will mean to the Association.  All homeowners are encouraged to review and understand the changes before voting.

Please contact amc@wildrim.org if you have questions or comments.



Where: Brewster Lake
When: Wednesday, May 21
Time: Approximately 4 PM
What: Bring your camera and kids
WHY:  FISH PLANTINGUpdate: You can see pictures and video of the event here:  https://www.facebook.com/wildernessrim


The fishing guidelines for WRA’s private Brewster Lake are in accordance with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations (03/12/03 resolution). There will be a fishing derby on July 12th and the community is encouraged to let the fish acclimate until that time.

Fish Planting May 2014



Do You Want to Be A Firefighter?

Wilderness Rim Fire Station 88 needs volunteers! Eastside Fire and Rescue is taking applications for the fall training class. You can find information on how to apply and the scope of the commitment here: http://www.eastsidefire-rescue.org/Volunteers/Default.htm.
Station 88

From Dan Covey, Wilderness Rim member and Volunteer Firefighter:

“Station 88 is the best place in the department for volunteers because you have the opportunity to go on a lot of calls, we’ve got good equipment, and we work well with the career station in town. I call volunteering the best hobby in the world. Once you’re out of the initial training and get assigned to Station 88, the other volunteers are really helpful in getting you up to speed and responding to calls.

If you’re thinking you’re too old, think again! A woman in my basic volunteer fire fighter class was in her early 60s and completed the same training as the youngest in the class who was 19. Finally, applicants who live close to Station 88 will get priority selection for joining, so if you’re at all interested in this opportunity, follow the URL above and apply today!”
Eastside Fire

Rim Run Fun!

Music filled the air and the liquid sunshine held off as Rim residents gathered at Cascade Park for the First Annual Rim Run.  Over 50 runners registered to participate in the 1k and 5k races.

Steve McDonald, a running enthusiast himself and current WRA Board of Trustees’ president, was out early marking the course:
Getting ready
“I get jazzed about events that bring the community together.”

Runners began arriving around 9:45 AM, stretching and signing in.  Volunteers from all around the neighborhood and beyond lent their skills for assisting with registration, setting up the water station, making signs, directing traffic, timing the 5k runners, and giving out awards among other duties.



Registration PrepTimer StationWelcome Sign











Excitement began to build as participants pinned on their numbers.  At the starting siren, the runners were off!  Five minutes ticked by.  Six.  The crowd began cheering as two kids rounded the corner.  One lap around the lake loop and these kids turned on the gas for the last stretch.

First Place 1K 1k Finishers
The 5k race had some serious runners.  Brian Johnson earned First Place honors with a 20:12 finish.  Brendan Hyland came in second at 22:44, while Julene McDonald was the first female to cross the finish line.

All in all it was a great day!  Please check back here for more pictures as they come in and let us know what you enjoyed or would like to be different next year.  If you would like to be a part of more fun like this, email events@wildrim.org.
First Place 5K Prize Winners Smiling Pinning on Numbers Start-Finish Line 1kWinners FamilyRacers Trophies