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PSE Wants to Replace Your Old Refrigerator for Free!

If you have an old, inefficient refrigerator, Puget Sound Energy wants to give you a new one.


From:  http://pse.com/savingsandenergycenter/ForHomes/Pages/Free-Appliance-Replacement.aspx

Older appliances use far more energy than new efficient models and could be racking up extra costs on your electric bill each year.

For a limited time we’ll be rounding up old, inefficient refrigerators and replacing them with a limited number of ENERGY STAR® qualified models for free. You heard that right: FREE!

There is no cost for the new energy-saving refrigerators, their delivery or the removal and recycling of your old appliance. Start the process now by calling 1-877-341-2314 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


From:  http://pse.com/savingsandenergycenter/ForHomes/Pages/Clothes-Washer-Rebates-and-Offers.aspx

PSE appliance rebates


[Editor’s note:   PSE replaced my refrigerator with this model:  http://www.frigidaire.com/products/Kitchen/Refrigerators/FFHT2126PW.aspx]

Thank you, Brian Mogridge, for suggesting this article.

$2M Buried In Wilderness Rim

There is a $2 million dollar treasure right under your feet:  your water system.

As a Wilderness Rim lot owner, you are a member of Wilderness Rim Association (WRA).  That means you own and insure our water system.

Yes, you.

When our water system has a problem, it’s our responsibility to fix it.  If it fails, you won’t be able live in your home and you won’t be able sell, either.  You have a huge stake in safeguarding our water supply.

Our water system is fascinating:  tanks and pipes and hydrants and wells and meters and billing systems and money.  Someone has to manage it all.

Imagine driving through the Rim knowing all the secrets that lie just below the surface.  Wouldn’t it feel heroic to be able to say, “My work matters to every single person in my community!”

Help the Water Utilities Committee.  Send an email to Water@WildRim.org and say, “I want to help!”



Revised ARC Guidelines

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is revising the WRA Architectural Guidelines.

The ARC requests that WRA members obtain a copy of the Phase One revisions (see links, below) and provide input to the ARC during the October 2nd meeting.

The ARC hopes to have a final draft of Phase One at the November 6th meeting of the ARC.

Printed copies of the Phase One revisions are available from the WRA office.

Please send feedback to ARC@WildRim.org, or to the WRA office by letter, or by using the online ARC Concern/Request form.


Update Online Banking Info for WRA Payments

As of March 15th, 2014 there were over 40% of WRA members who have not updated the payee address to the WRA PO Box 315.  Please send your money to the right place with the correct lot # if you want your account to be credited in a timely manner.

How to pay your WRA assessment and water bills online:

1. Sign up for “Online Bill Pay” with your banking institution.

2. Add a new Bill / Payee with the following info:

Payee Name:           WRA

Payee Address:      P.O. Box 315, North Bend, WA   98045-0315

Payee Phone:           425-888-0087

Account #:               Your division-lot #  (as shown on your water bill)

The Board is researching other options for bill payment and would like members who are interested in using credit cards to email office@wildrim.org with their div/lot# or comment below (must be logged in to the site).

Vine Maple Leaf

The leaf on our October – November, 2013 newsletter is from a Vine Maple (Acer circinatum).

A green Vine Maple leaf.

Vine Maples are easy to identify because they have multiple trunks.


King County Flooding Mitigation Proposal

King County has a revised flooding mitigation proposal for FEMA.

The proposal, which was presented at the 2012 annual meeting, affects numerous properties near the greenbelt infiltration pond.

Wendy Kara, of King County Water and Land Resources Division, has asked the WRA Board of Trustees for feedback regarding community support for the project.

Ms Kara’s email to the Board of Trustees is below.  A diagram of the proposal can be found here:  Wilderness Rim Flood Reduction Project Elements-revised 2012.

The Board of Trustees strongly encourages you to actively participate in this process so the outcome will reflect the best interests of the membership.  Please watch the website calendar for scheduled meetings, or contact the WRA office to add your email address to the notification list.


Infiltration Pond


Wendy Kara’s email

Attachment:   Wilderness Rim Flood Reduction Project Elements-revised 2012

From: Kara, Wendy
Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 5:38 PM
To: ‘office@wildrim.org’; ‘trustees@wildrim.org’
Subject: Support for county’s Wilderness Rim grant proposal


Hi Wilderness Rim community,


I know you haven’t heard much from me about the FEMA grant King County hoped to get to address the flooding around the infiltration pond.  Recently I heard from the state that FEMA seems to be okay with the revised proposal (that does NOT involve Brewster Lake) and is going through the environmental review of the proposal.  Today I got a question about community support for the project. If you would like to write a letter or e-mail about your support (or lack thereof) for the project, please send to me and I can share with the state and FEMA.  Please share this e-mail with the rest of the Wilderness Rim community.  If someone could get the information on the Wilderness Rim Association website that would be helpful too.


I’ve attached a figure showing locations of the proposed actions, which are also briefly described below.  It should all be the same information I have sent before and that I shared at the 2012 annual meeting.  When I presented the proposal at the 2012 annual meeting I didn’t receive any negative feedback, so I’m hopeful that this is a project that the community can support.

Proposed construction activities:

  • Upgrade ditches and culverts to more safely convey floodwater along SE 175th Place, and improve its ability to infiltrate.
  • Enhance the infiltration capacity of an additional nearby closed depression by installing a new catchbasin to function as a drywell.  This will enhance infiltration of water collected along the east side of SE 175th Place and water that overflows and leaves the infiltration pond, ending up in this closed depression.
  • Excavate additional volume in the infiltration pond.
  • Excavate any fill material remaining on parcels King County purchased and removed homes.
  • Raise backyard of one house and place flood berm.
  • Install floodwall or berms to protect 4-6 homes from flooding.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Thank you

Wendy Kara, P.E.

Engineer III, Capital Services Unit
Water and Land Resources Division
King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
201 S. Jackson, Suite 600
Seattle, WA, 98104-8355
206 263-5004