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High Fire Risk

From:  http://your.kingcounty.gov/dnrp/library/water-and-land/forestry/forestfire/NorthBendCWPPAssess.pdf


Wilderness Rim is another example of unchecked growth in the interface area. This development has been in place for several years and is an example of why interface issues have become important. This is a small lot development that puts structures in close proximity with one another. The street system is confusing and promotes misdirection. Many of the structures have no defensible space at all while others have a minimal amount. Wilderness Rim is situated at the base of Rattlesnake ridge. A fire in this development could easily make a run up this ridge.
PRIMARY PROTECTION – Eastside Fire & Rescue

Some of the streets are dead end without adequate turnaround for fire apparatus.
Most of the streets are surfaced to only 18’.
This area is subject to strong East Wind events.
WATER SUPPLY – Wilderness Rim is served by a municipal type water system with hydrants capable of providing fire flow.

TACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS – Due to the density of structures in Wilderness Rim early evacuation must be a consideration. During a major fire, the proximity of structures may promote rapid extension of the fire from one structure to another. Units working in this area should always have accurate maps and a good sense of direction. Around some homes the natural brush has been retained as landscape. This may also increase fire spread.

RESOURCE NEEDS – Due to the geographical area and the street make up two additional strike teams of structural engines should be ordered. Again, this is an ideal location to assign aerial assets.

PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS – Moderate (65%-75%)

COMMUNITY FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT – Using the NFPA 299 community wildfire hazard assessment methodology, Wilderness Rim was rated for common features such as access, vegetation, topography, fire protection and utilities. Then several homes were rated for roof coverings and other existing conditions. Their totals were averaged to establish a community rating. See attached NFPA 299 form for Wilderness Rim. Wilderness Rim has been rated as having a high (82 points) fire risk. Individual homeowners and the community can significantly reduce the risk of home ignitions during a wildfire event by being prepared.

These are specific recommendations for the community of Wilderness Rim. There are several other general recommendations that may help reduce the potential of fire. The general recommendations can be found in Appendix E.

Volunteer Appreciation

There are many new features on our WRA website.  These changes are the result of countless hours volunteered by John Greer.

The Communications Committee and the Board of Trustees wish to express a deep debt of gratitude to John for his generosity and commitment to this project over the last year.

One key feature that John has added is the ability to create individual accounts.  This is the first step toward potentially supporting members-only features like online security reports, minutes, financial statements, billing for water and assessments, and annual voting.


WRA Calendar

The Wilderness Rim Association Calendar is now available online.

The Calendar page can be accessed from the home page (via the Calendar menu item), or directly at https://wildernessrim.org/calendar/.

The Calendar shows the currently scheduled meetings for the Board of Trustees and the committees, and WRA special meetings and events.

It can be configured to show events in several formats.  Click on the buttons shown in the red rectangles, below.


How to Access Members-Only Posts

Most of the information on the Wilderness Rim Association website is available to the general public.

Some posts (like our security reports) are only available to WRA members.  If you own a lot in Wilderness Rim, you are a WRA member.

To see the members-only posts, you must create an account and log in.  To create an account, click the Register link, shown in the red rectangle, below.

You will receive an email when your account is activated.  This may take a day or two, because the site administrator verifies each registration request.


Register Link

Figure 1: Screenshot of Register button


The Wilderness Rim Association website is a work in progress.  Please help us make this site better by sending your questions and comments to Communications@WildRim.org.

Bloggers, Photographers, and Web Programmers Needed

Join ComCom!

ComCom is Wilderness Rim Association’s Communications Committee.


ComCom is the most social, the most visible, and the most fun, of the WRA committees.

We have our meetings over breakfast or dinner, in local restaurants or at committee members’ homes.

Our meetings are full of friendship, laughter, and wide-ranging digressions.


ComCom is a constant conversation that’s fascinating and fun and sometimes frantic.


Do you have a talent for writing, editing, or proofreading?  ComCom needs your help with articles for the new WRA website and newsletter.

Do you have an eye for graphic design or typography, or skills with Photoshop?  Come make ComCom’s work shine!  Signs, logos, flyers, web graphics… there’s always something to do.

Are you a shutterbug?   ComCom needs pictures for the website.

Does marketing make you happy?   ComCom needs your help with branding and strategy.  Help create a vibrant image for WRA and our community!

Do you like working with tech goo like WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C#, and SQL?  Help ComCom improve the WRA website.


Working with ComCom means your work will be seen by everyone in Wilderness Rim.  ComCom builds community.

Come turn neighbors into friends!


Send an email to Communications@WildRim.org and say, “I want to help!


New Security Reports Available


The Security Reports for June and July are now available on the website.

The Security Reports are only available to WRA members, so you must register and log in to read them.



If you are a WRA member but you do not want to register, you can ask Jessica to email them to you, or you can go by the WRA office and ask her to print them for you.

Salal Leaves

The leaves shown on our newsletter are Salal leaves.



The following image and text were taken (and slightly edited) from:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaultheria_shallon

Ripe berries of the salal plant, Gaultheria shallon



Its dark blue “berries” and young leaves are both edible and are efficient appetite suppressants, both with a unique flavor. Gaultheria shallon berries were a significant food resource for native people, who both ate them fresh and dried them into cakes. They were also used as a sweetener.

More recently, Gaultheria shallon berries are used locally in jams, preserves and pies. They are often combined with Oregon-grape because the tartness of the latter is partially masked by the mild sweetness of Gaultheria shallon.


Medicinal properties

Gaultheria shallon has been used for its medicinal properties by local natives for generations. The medicinal uses of this plant are not widely known or used. However, the leaves have an astringent effect, making it an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-cramping herb. By preparing the leaves in a tea or tincture, one can take the herb safely to decrease internal inflammation such as bladder inflammation, stomach or duodenal ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, sinus inflammation, diarrhea, moderate fever, inflamed / irritated throat, and menstrual cramps. A poultice of the leaf can be used externally to ease discomfort from insect bites and stings.


How to Subscribe to the WRA Calendar

When is the next WRA Board of Trustees meeting?  Is the Water Utilities Committee meeting this week? 

You no longer need to wonder:  your WRA website now has a calendar that you can subscribe to. 

Download all the meetings to your personal calendar (Outlook, iCal, etc.) with the click of a button. 

Simply go to http://www.wildernessrim.org/Calendar and scroll down to the “Subscribe” button just below the current month’s calendar.




Park Committee Change

Ellen Smith has stepped down as Park Committee chair.

The Board of Trustees would like to thank her for her countless hours and efforts to maintain the park and other common areas of Wilderness Rim.

Brewster Lake Trail

Brian Mogridge and Joyce Jansen have agreed to assume the role of Park Committee co-chairs.