2015 Holiday Light Contest Winners

Hundreds of Wilderness Rim homes had beautiful lights this year!  Thank you to everyone who shared some cheer this season with their neighbors.  The grand prize was awarded to 17436 426th Ave SE:

First Place Lights

Other honorable mentions are below:

Lights 6 Lights 4 Lights 5 Lights 3 Lights 2

If you haven’t already, take a drive around the Rim to see the excellent displays!

Great Washington ShakeOut – Wilderness Rim

Washington is EARTHQUAKE COUNTRY!Washington EarthquakesOn Thursday at 10:15 a.m., millions around the world will be practicing their earthquake safety actions along with WRA!  Participants in the Great Washington ShakeOut include over 1 million, out of more than 40 million worldwide.
Learn how to Drop, Cover, and Hold on various situations with Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions Guide and the Earthquake Safety Video Series.

More resources available online:



2015 WRA Photo Contest!

The 2015 WRA Photo Contest was a great success!  Here are the winners:

First Place:       “Moody Rattlesnake” – Danielle Decker
Moody Rattlesnake

Second Place:   “Cascade Park Path” – Lesley Webb-Henry
Third Place:      “Brewster Lake” – Hannah Marie Schmale

Winners have been notified via email and may pick up their prizes in the WRA Office.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated!  Other entries are shown below and on the WRA Facebook page.  Do you have any great pictures of the Rim, past or present?  Another contest will be coming in 2016!



Any member of Wilderness Rim

Get your picture in before November 14th 2015, because we are picking the winner sometime after 5PM on that day!

Send your picture (JPG format, 2mb size limit) as an attachment to an email to to the WRA Office ( along with a caption. It will be filed with your name, and then be posted to a “2015 Photo Contest” album on WRA’s Facebook page. That will keep folks from knowing who posted which picture. Larger pictures will be resized to 2048 pixels on the longest edge prior to being posted to the Facebook album.  Then share your picture with your friends and family on Facebook to get more “likes”!

***ALL PICTURES MUST BE ‘FAMILY’ APPROPRIATE*** Pictures not suitable for public display among children will be returned or discarded. A reason will be sent to the entrant explaining why the picture was not included in the contest.

Picture must be taken from within Wilderness Rim. Please provide the approximate location of the picture upon submission.

Pictures may contain people, but permission to post the picture must be expressly given to WRA by the individuals in the picture, or the parents of any minors in the picture.

The picture with the most likes in the “2015 Photo Contest” album will be deemed the winner

1st Prize – $30 Amazon Card
2nd Prize – $20 Amazon Card
3rd Prize – $10 Amazon Card

Plus, the winning pictures will be featured on the WRA Official Website, and winners will be announced in the Newsletter.

This contest is sponsored by the Wilderness Rim Association.

By entering the WRA Photo Contest, the entrant agrees to allow the WRA to use the photo.

WRA and this contest are not affiliated with Facebook in any way.


Sunlight Through TreesTree BanditsSnow DayCoffee Hot TubFrosty Fiery SunriseInlet to Brewster LakeSun's Fingers in WinterHome Sweet HomeMid-August SkyGolden Crowned KingletCascadeParkPathFall Park BenchBrewsterLake Three Point DeerTwo AngelsFall Colors Cascade ParkDrizzly Brewster LakeMoody RattlesnakeSummer Stillness
  Snowy Ridge Shining Through The Trees

Hot, Dry Weather Continues



Low precipitation in May and even lower precipitation this summer equals a very dry Wilderness Rim and an extremely high fire danger.

The WRA Board of Trustees has banned fireworks and open fires on Wilderness Rim common property (Cascade Park and Greenbelt areas).

All of us have a responsibility to help keep Wilderness Rim green and safe.





Second Annual Rim Run 2015

We had another successful Wilderness Rim Run/Walk in our community on Saturday, May 16th.  No rain and not too hot – perfect for running and walking outdoors. The trail additions to the courses on the 5K and the park run for the kid’s 1K received rave reviews!  Also new this year was the water station was supplied with our local cub scouts and volunteer firefighters, complete with aid car.

1.2-5K Signs1.0 Chalk Man  1.5Cone Pull   101-SteveMcDonald 1.7 Checking the Course102-Race Prep 101-Checking In105-ChrisHardy 105-Doggie 106-Taylor 108-JeremiahandRowan 110-Byron 115-Goodies 120-Instructions 121-Schedule 125-SpectatorsRiley 126-SpectatorsAria 127-SpectatorsDanshita 130-Stretching

There were some repeats from last year’s races in the winners circle as well as some newcomers.

1K Winners:

First Place – Jeremiah Besso
Second Place – Rowan Hardy
Third Place – Reggie Danshita

5K Winners:
First Place Female – Julene McDonald, 22:05
Second Place Female – Emily Rourke, 24:24
Third Place Female – Kristina Platt, 26:08

First Place Male – Tyler McDonald, 25:36
Second Place Male – Taylor Schulte, 26:23
Third Place Male – Jeremiah Moore, 28:02

135-1k Starting Line 140-1k OnYourMark 140-1k Pre Race 141-1k GetSet 142-1k GO 143-1k And they're off 144-1k AroundTheLake 145-1k Preston 145-1k Rounding the corner 146-1k Rounding the cornerRowan 147-1k First Place Girl Lucy 150-1k LastPlace 151-1k Finishers 152-1k 200-5k Start 205-Julene 206-Tyler 207-Emily 208-Kristina 210-ChrisHardy 211-JeremiahMoore 212-Stella and Taylor 213-Taylor 214-Erin 215-Preston 217-Elena 218-Megan 219-JessieCunningham 220-Emery 221-SavannahWebb 222-Byron 223-Logan 224-BenHenry 225-Reggie and Webbs 226-Lesley 227-Leilah 228-Roger Platt 229-Taylor 230-JenniferMoore 231-Hiroki and Resa 232-Mobile Aid Station 233-JenniferThomas 234-Thomas 240-Aid Station 241-Scouts 242-Lucy at Aid Station 243-Stella 244-Elena 245-JeremiahBesso 246-Kids 247-Megan 248-Scout 249-Preston 250-Covey 251-Serena 252-Emery 253-Lesley 254-Jennifer 255-Running Girls 256-Mile3 257-Webbs 258-Smiles 261-Racing Smiles259-Bug 260-Awards 260-Volunteers  261-Waiting for Prize 262-Taylor at Finish Line 263-Josiah 274-1k Winners and Smiles 275-Awards 275-Kids 276-Awards 277-Medals 280-Finish Line 285-Food 286-Riley and Will 287-Riley and Will 288-Shoes


IMG_8296 IMG_8293 IMG_8291 IMG_8290 IMG_8289 IMG_8288 IMG_8286 IMG_8285 IMG_8284 IMG_8283 IMG_8280 IMG_8279 IMG_8278 IMG_8276 IMG_8275 IMG_8274 IMG_8273 IMG_8272 IMG_8270 IMG_8269 IMG_8267 IMG_8266 IMG_8265 IMG_8264

Thank you to President Steve McDonald for the passion and vision for making this event happen!  Thank you also to the following volunteers:

Will Thomas – course set up, food prep, race rabbit, photography
Matt Rourke – course marshaling, food prep, water station setup, cleanup
Fernando Platin – course marshaling
Robert Beeler – course marshaling, photography
David Morrison – setup, course marshaling
Lenny Stoltman – course marshaling, water station
Joyce Jansen – planning
Jim and Jessica Besso – set up, timer, finish line, photography, cleanup
Wil Chromey – trail maintenance and the bright yellow gate
John Greer – course route
Leslie Kreher – course route
Doug Greathouse – greenbelt trail maintenance and park preparation
Dan Covey – cub scout coordination, fire station coordination, water station
Cub scouts – water station
Sean Sundwall of – safety vests and signs
North Bend Public Works – traffic cones

Want to be part of more great events like this in our neighborhood?  Contact and see you at the next WRA special event!

Firewise Education

Wildfire prevention is something Smokey the Bear has taught for decades.  Did you see him at Cascade Park on Saturday, April 4?  Neighbors young and old watched and participated in a variety of fun educational activities put on by the WRA Firewise Committee.


King County DNRP Project Program Manager, Linda Vane, spoke about vegetation and strategies for maintaining the areas around your home.  She also brought materials (available in the WRA Office or online) for neighbors to see more examples of what the true dangers of living in a “Moderate Hazard” for wildfire neighborhood and what to do about it on your property.


NotFirewise2 LindaEars WP_20150404_10_50_51_Pro WP_20150404_10_50_56_Pro FirewiseKids photo 4


Doug Greathouse, WRA Park Co-Chair, gave us all a demo of how quickly simple needles and leaves can burst into flames.





Matt Rourke, Chair of the FIrewise Committee and current WRA Trustee, is a forestry expert.  He demonstrated techniques with tools and discussed how to keep your trees healthy as well as safety for your property.

WP_000604 WP_20150404_11_00_44_ProWatchingtheDemo


Evergreen Tree Care, Inc. came out with a chipper truck and climbing crew.  Watching the skill of removing some of the dangerous branches over the WRA Office was fascinating!  Thank you to the teams for demonstrating ways we can keep our homes safe.

EvergreenTruck Ropes HighUp ChippingLimbs ChipperCleanUpChipping

2015 Easter Egg Hunt and Peep Roast

Fun times were had by all who attended this year’s Easter Egg Hunt and Peep Roast!

THANK YOU to those who volunteered by stuffing eggs, making signs, inviting friends, stoking the fire, hiding the goodies, cleaning up, and the many other details to make this event happen!  Living in a neighborhood with such fun, caring people is amazing.

1.01HereTheyComeDougEarsPresidentSteveEarsEggs YumSmores2 YumSmores Smores2SmoresCuteKidHuntingforEggsintheWoodsChrisBunnyCountingtheSpoilsRhodyEggs
WP_20150404_10_03_41_ProWP_20150404_09_07_20_Pro WP_20150404_09_10_53_Pro WP_20150404_09_58_26_Pro
WP_20150404_09_58_32_Pro WP_20150404_10_03_32_Pro CrowdWaitingFireFun CoffeeCrowdsWaiting WP_000594 WP_000593 WP_000591WP_000592 WP_000590 WP_000589 WP_000588 WP_000587 WP_000586
 WP_000585 WP_000584
WP_000600 WP_000596 WP_0005971.1Rainbow


Would you like to be part of more events like this?  Email or with your ideas or skills that you would like to use to serve your community.

2014 Holiday Light Contest Winners

Over 200 homes had lights on them this year!  Thank you to everyone who shared some cheer this season with their neighbors, and thank you to our sponsors:








Eleven adults and nine kids helped judge the winners based on curb appeal, use of color, content, and volume of lights.  The competition was fierce, but here are the homes that won gift certificates to Boxleys or Ace (and the grand prize winner gets to ride in the fire truck next week!):

1st Place:   17007 426th Ave SE

17007 426th Ave

2nd Place:  17403 SE Cedar Falls Rd

17403 S E Cedar Falls Rd

3rd Place:  17436 426th Ave SE

17436 426th

4th Place:  17404 426th Ave SE

17404 426th

Also honorable mentions:

16827 426 Ave 43305 432nd 42805 se 170th pl 17014 427th 17320 426th 42406 S E 169th 42766 Se 173rd pl 42921 175th17335 428th ave se 17212 428thpl se 17004 426th



If you haven’t already, take a drive around the Rim to see the excellent displays before Christmas!

Holiday Light Contest

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all the lights going up around the Rim.   If you would like to be a part of the fun, here are the details:

If you have lights up, you are automatically entered!

Judges will meet Thursday, December 18th at the Chalet @ 6:30 PM.  They will drive around the neighborhood with maps and clipboards to record their votes, and then will meet up back at the Chalet for hot cocoa and vote counting.


First Place:  $50 gift certificate to Boxley’s Restaurant in North Bend AND a ride in our very own Station 88 Fire Engine!
Second and Third Places: $25 gift certificates to Boxley’s Restaurant

Also donated by Ace Hardware: $25 gift certificate

A HUGE THANK YOU to Boxley’s and ACE for sponsoring the event and to our volunteer fire fighters who serve our community.  Merry Christmas!



Station 88




2014 WRA Photo Contest

The fall photo contest was a fun success!  Here is the winner:

“Mom, can we keep them?”



Second place:

“Peaceful Reflection”

Third Place:

“Brewster’s Autumn Glory”

Winners may claim their prizes at the WRA Office.  Thank you to everyone who submitted and “liked” the great photos!


Here are some of the other submissions to enjoy:

Evening Snow