Fishing Derby July 12th

Bring your pole and see what you can catch! Awesome prizes for top 3 fishers!

Children fourteen and under are invited to fish for Rainbow Trout from the shoreline of Brewster Lake. Prizes will be awarded for the three longest Rainbow Trout caught. If there is a tie, the fisher-person with the heavier fish will be the winner.


The derby will start at 7 a.m. Please register at the picnic shelter before going to the lake.   Weigh-in will be at 9:30 a.m. to determine the winners. Prizes will be awarded during the Annual Meeting. Please review the Washington Fishing Regulations to ensure you are in compliance with state law.


 Please use common sense and courtesy and respect to others and your surroundings. Below are the “official rules” for you.


1.)     All rules of Cascade Park apply. The Wilderness Rim Association (WRA) does not condone wading or other water contact.

2.)     Eligible participants include children 14 years old and younger.

3.)     All participants must register before fishing.

4.)      Registration begins at 6:45AM in the picnic shelter. Participants must be registered by no later than 9:00AM.

5.)      The Fishing Derby officially begins at 7AM (No fishing before)

6.)     The official measuring of fish for the derby closes at 9:30 AM.

7.)      Fishing boundaries include the dry portions of the shoreline of Brewster Lake. Fish must be caught from shore.

8.)      One fishing pole per child.

9.)      Parents may help children, if needed. Try to let kids fish as much as they can.

10.)   A maximum of 5 fish may be caught with at most 3 recorded per participant during the derby.

11.)   All fish caught must be taken to the registration table for official measurements. Please weigh-in fish right after you catch them. You are encouraged to release fish under 6 inches.

12.)   Fish not released back to Brewster Lake in a healthy condition must be removed or properly disposed of by the fisher, so as to avoid creating a nuisance at the park or to surrounding properties.

13.)  Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd longest fish will be awarded to registered participants. Weight will break a tie.

14.)  All registered participants are eligible for a raffle prize drawing.

15.)  All registered participants not recording a fish caught are eligible for a separate drawing.

16.)   All prizes will be awarded at the end of the fishing derby during the WRA Annual Meeting, around 10-10:30AM

17.)   Winners of the derby and raffles need to be present to claim their prizes.

18.)   Winners must be present to claim prizes from the raffle.

19.)   Participants are limited to winning only one raffle prize during the Fishing Derby.

20.)   All ties will be broken first by weight, and then subject to a random drawing.

21.)   All prizes must be accepted as awarded and have no other surrender value.

22.)   All decisions made by event coordinators are final.

23.)   The participant that guesses closest to the total number fish caught in the Fishing Derby will win a prize. In the event that there is a tie, then there will be a drawing or coin flip to determine the winner.

Prizes include a fishing pole, tackle boxes, and bait for future fishing adventures!



Where: Brewster Lake
When: Wednesday, May 21
Time: Approximately 4 PM
What: Bring your camera and kids
WHY:  FISH PLANTINGUpdate: You can see pictures and video of the event here:


The fishing guidelines for WRA’s private Brewster Lake are in accordance with the WA Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations (03/12/03 resolution). There will be a fishing derby on July 12th and the community is encouraged to let the fish acclimate until that time.

Fish Planting May 2014



Rim Run Fun!

Music filled the air and the liquid sunshine held off as Rim residents gathered at Cascade Park for the First Annual Rim Run.  Over 50 runners registered to participate in the 1k and 5k races.

Steve McDonald, a running enthusiast himself and current WRA Board of Trustees’ president, was out early marking the course:
Getting ready
“I get jazzed about events that bring the community together.”

Runners began arriving around 9:45 AM, stretching and signing in.  Volunteers from all around the neighborhood and beyond lent their skills for assisting with registration, setting up the water station, making signs, directing traffic, timing the 5k runners, and giving out awards among other duties.



Registration PrepTimer StationWelcome Sign











Excitement began to build as participants pinned on their numbers.  At the starting siren, the runners were off!  Five minutes ticked by.  Six.  The crowd began cheering as two kids rounded the corner.  One lap around the lake loop and these kids turned on the gas for the last stretch.

First Place 1K 1k Finishers
The 5k race had some serious runners.  Brian Johnson earned First Place honors with a 20:12 finish.  Brendan Hyland came in second at 22:44, while Julene McDonald was the first female to cross the finish line.

All in all it was a great day!  Please check back here for more pictures as they come in and let us know what you enjoyed or would like to be different next year.  If you would like to be a part of more fun like this, email
First Place 5K Prize Winners Smiling Pinning on Numbers Start-Finish Line 1kWinners FamilyRacers Trophies

2014 Easter Egg Hunt and Peep Roast

Fire Pit Eggs

How many eggs did you spot in the park?  Over 60 kids and 40 adults came with their baskets and enjoyed hot cocoa and s’mores together.


FirePeep JosiahBunny KidsPlayground McDonaldSisters

A HUGE THANK YOU to those who volunteered by stuffing eggs, making signs, inviting friends, stoking the fire, hiding the goodies, cleaning up, and doing so many other details to make this event happen!

Being in a neighborhood with such fun, caring people makes living here truly remarkable.

Want to be part of more events like this?  Email or with your ideas or skills that you would like to use to serve your community.

Almost time Tot start Tots Away they go On the hunt

Park Planting Party

PlantingATreeIt’s not easy being green – unless you live in Wilderness Rim!  If you like keeping our neighborhood flourishing with foliage, please join us to plant some trees this Sunday, March 16th at 3:30 PM in the park and greenbelt areas.  We have cedars, firs, oaks, crabapples, and many other varieties.  Bring a shovel, plastic garden pots, gloves, and dress for possible showers. Please contact if you are interested.